Sunday, February 19, 2012

Thrift finds on a calm February weekend.

For the northeast this has been a strangely mild winter. The new word is sprinter. Yesterday we had some snow early but it quickly went away. The weather was not a major factor in getting out to do some thrifting and estate sales.
I found some vintage care bear, strawberry shortcake, herself the elf, Vera, vintage linens, a thread box loaded with new threads, a juice pitcher and glasses, a vintage plastic canister, rainbow brite and a couple of sweatshirts to stay warm at work. My favorite was the heavy tape dispenser for masking tape. I can't wait to restore it and use it or list it on my store. Many of my finds were sewing finds and future fabric to be up cycled. I found something special to send to my friend in CA too. I know she'll read my blog, but it will still be a surprise when she gets it. I find the challenge to find good things fun and what a great reason to get out of the house in February. Thank goodness for thrifting. Good items, good prices and most of all good fun.

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Monday, February 06, 2012

Blogging my thrift finds and enjoying afternoon tea.

Trying to stay dedicated to building my store is harder than I want it to be. Coming home from work tired and aching doesn't help, but I am determined. This bundle of thrift finds includes linens, fabric, glassware, music box and boots. The boots will be used for my personal use. What a lucky find for me. I have fashion boots and work boots, but a great pair of heavy duty just be outside in a northeast snowstorm pair of boots kept eluding me. Finally at a flea market I found a pair worn only once for $6. I was thrilled. Lots of room for the extra sox. All other items will be listed on my store. Some fabric added to pieces I have and some grouped in various ways after cutting, ironing and packaging. I will research the glassware and music box and list them also. All in all with the lifetime supply that I already have and the thrifted items I find I am continuing to add to my store inventory.