Saturday, March 30, 2013

I love my thrifting job.

I have had so much fun thrifting this week. Many, many great finds. As you can see there was Pyrex.

This darling Italian espresso/tea set with a tiny teapot and plates with stand. Straw hot pads that are selling nicely on eBay. A vintage owl wall hanging that may have been a DIY kit, and yes a NIP 100% cotton sheet plus other fabric. My favorite for this one stop was the aqua planter.
This will be an addition to a vintage macrame hanger in my daughter's apartment. It was so perfect and now all it needs is a plant.
On my second adventure I had just as wonderful a time and more great luck finding future store merchandise.
This trip netted more Pyrex, even some refrigerator covers and more.
There was Fire King and Sarah Coventry.
Bright colored demitasse cups and pool ball shot glasses.
Yes there were more sheets for the fabric stash and a Holly Hobbie blue girl mug. Some items I'll list on eBay. It was a wonderful week thrifting, and if I wasn't busy enough shopping and listing these items on my on line stores and , I also managed to whip up a large batch of Chili Relish.
It's all done in time for me to enjoy my Easter Sunday and relaxing. Happy Easter everyone.
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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Monday afternoon treasure. One of many.

Thank you to the universe for this well needed gift. Canning jars are seasonal in the north east and finding just what you need when you need them can be difficult. My eldest daughter took yesterday off from work to get some sleep after a long work related trip to Texas. She rested, completed her homework and decided she needed some fresh air. She took me to a light lunch and to Savers thrift store. It was a wonderful trip and I found so much. Everything in the store was 25% off because it their Monday discount. Yay! Over the weekend my younger daughter came to visit and she had taken me to a different Savers and I treated her to a light lunch. I have fantastic children. So this was a brand new case of 4 ounce Jelly Jars. I do different things with these small jars. What I needed them for were these:
She brought me back a gift of spices and sugars from The Spice and Tea Exchange in Fort Worth.
The end result is a better organized spice cupboard and uniform sized jars.
This jar has a cover on it from a grated cheese container. My daughter saw it on Pinterest and couldn't wait to run out of cheese to try it. Great for using a measuring spoon with. The top closes tight and has the sprinkle side if you just want to top something lightly. This is her home made Taco seasoning. So now it's on to wash the jars well and put my new spices away. I may use a couple to bake some brownies in. That way I don't eat the whole pan myself in one sitting. Have a great day everyone and stop by soon to see all the other treasures I've found on my two trips. Lots of Pyrex coming.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

First thrift outing this past week.


First trip out this past week yielded a few fun items to list on my store. I found a set of six vintage glasses featuring River Boats.

In a small package full of just blah stuff I found these three inch little plates. Ideal for the chemistry nerd in some one's life. They feature test tubes, scales and jars. I need to research a little more.

I also found these cotton curtains and valences. Always looking for cotton fabric. I'm not sure if I'll sew with these or list them. Plenty of time to decide.
The John Deere sheet is a twin size and I may sell it whole or cut it for fabric and the yellow and green sheet is full size and I have bright ideas for this. Too many decisions for today.
I did get out one more time this past week and found a great selection of items. I have them all cleaned up and ready to photograph and will show them off later this week. I would love to be able to post more than one time each week just to keep things exciting, but I need to work too. I have the task of making Chili Relish this week also. Not because I need to, but because I am running out and want more and I need to possibly trade some for more Venison. Thank goodness this is one of my easier to make relishes. Until next post I hope everyone has a wonderful week and please feel free to stop by my on line stores.

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Sunday, March 17, 2013

A busy fabric week.

I stopped at only one thrift store on the way home from the Post Office this week. I found the cast iron corn bread pan and the yellow gingham fabric. Not a total disappointment. I wanted to check out an estate sale, but never got there. I had plenty of fabric I was trying to cut and prepare for listing on Etsy. Included in the cutting are the yellow fat quarters and the green and yellow remnants of a juvenile quilt my daughter made.

After  a bit of cleaning and some time for seasoning. the corn bread pan is in perfect ready to use condition. It will be listed at .

The bundle of scrap fabrics were given to me to move along and will be listed on . I will also be listing  the fat quarters and other fabrics this week.
Although I didn't thrift much this week I was busy with quite a few sales which always warms my heart. I kept busy with the shipping and kept cutting and cleaning out. I even found time to get some sewing done.
Since I didn't find much to blog this week I have decided to feature an item from my store. The first being a large bundle of four and one half inch quilt squares I got listed this week. I may decide to make this a feature of my blog. I haven't quite decided yet, but I like the idea.

I hope to get out and hunt a little more this week. They are saying it's going to be cold and snowy, but I need to restock the stores. It will be a great break from the cutting table and I need to get out for a while. Have a wonderful week everyone and I hope your finds are great this week.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Vintage Thrift

This week has been a whirlwind for me. I've been busy getting items listed on two stores, sewing (mending) to add to my living and working with my darling friend to build a web site. I got out to do a couple of small thrift stores, and get my shipping and errands done and get some fresh air and was happy to find good items to resell.


My favorite find his week was this vintage made in Japan stainless steal and wood fondue pot. Now I've seen a lot of fondue pots, but nothing as attractive and wonderful than this. It has a couple of marks on the wood, but this is not finding a new home, it is home. Decided this looks just fine on my daughters vintage hutch with her vintage collection.

My next find was this vintage set of red metal trays with a gold and black Peacock design. I've seen these listed and was not sure that they would sell, but the price was perfect and I decided to give it a try. I had six likes and one comment on this item on my Facebook page so there is hope.
I also found this well loved cast iron trivet. It was made in Japan and had a great geometric design. I haven't seen too many done in yellow and after some cleaning up it became sell able. Some one may want to repaint it, but the fact that it was well used meant that it was loved. I like that in my items. Both of these items are listed on .
The only other item that I found (bought) was this vintage piece of stretch knit fabric. All I could imagine for it was a fun disco dress. It was well over two yards long and yes, a wow of 56 inches wide. Did we actually have fabric that wide back then? I was not paying attention. Shame on me. This fabric is listed on .
This week I have more mending to do and will be packaging the glass items listed this past week for storage until sold. We'll be continuing with the web site and of course I will continue listing items. I hope everyone has a wonderful week and great luck with your stores.
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Saturday, March 02, 2013

Clover continued.

These thrifted items are a continuation of last weeks finds. I spent most of the week laundering the linens, ironing, washing things to look pretty, taking pictures and editing them. Needless to say when you look at all the items you'll know I truly was busy. I found the four mushroom canisters that needed a bath but once they were clean they looked nice. Two are from 1978 and two are from 1983, all made in Japan for Sears, Roebuck and Co. The orange and yellow velour towel is for our vintage bathroom which we've decorated with all orange and yellow daisy print thrifted items. The baseball fabric is truly vintage and the bright floral fabric is a king size sheet and has two matching pillow cases.

I found a very new red Wilson leather handbag, more vintage fabrics, sheets, a wooden figure that I believe may be monkey wood, a vintage mother goose receiving blanket and a few good story books.

To continue I found a vintage 1975 corning ware glass cutting board in almost pristine condition, a clean house wooden wall plaque, a couple more Pyrex bowls, floral drapes, more sheets (my daughter is always raiding my orange fabric), a yellow print sheet and Santa Clause pillow panels. Is this the end? No

This is the last group. To start there is a vintage linen table cloth that is in wonderful condition, a handful of type box size miniature made in Japan porcelain animals, a made in Japan Napco Ware baby planter, a tea bag holder that I know belongs in a set, but I got it for my cup of tea and only needed the one anyway and last but not least a vintage Ice O Matic hand crank ice crusher. Now this ice crusher may not be great to many of us, but it works on two of the settings. The red plastic cup is cracked and leaks, but usable. I may never list it on my stores, but the idea of showing this to my grandchildren when they just walk to the fridge for ice was a lot of fun. I've got some research to do on this. So far I haven't found anything similar quickly so a more in depth search may be happening soon. 
I've managed to get many items listed this week so stop by my stores, and and take a peek. I can honestly say that I am growing and having so much fun.