Monday, May 27, 2013

The Windmill; Penn Yan, New York

Today I spent time with good friends in Penn Yan, New York.

Todays visit to Penn Yan had a real purpose. A dear friends mom had left three quilts in an Amish shop to be hand quilted. This was over a year ago and she was so excited to get the call that they were finished. It was a beautiful day for a ride and the quilts were simply beautiful. Now the only task for her is to bind them and she is ready for the task.
The Windmill itself is a marketplace full of vendors who sell every kind of meal, ice cream, food and or craft. We had a wonderful lunch and the most wonderful ice cream for desert and then walked around to see some of the wonderful shops.
People were just happy to walk around, or sit at a picnic table and enjoy the sun.

Shops filled with scarves, aprons, pot holders, towels, baby items and every kind of wine bag/gift bag and tote bags. There were cork screw people to hang as art,
pots, pans, shoes and boots made into lamps, bird houses and anything you can imagine.
Canned pickles, relishes, mustard's, ketchup's and all those summer picnic goodies.
Hats, scarfs, jewelry and all kinds of items to appeal to the fine ladies.
Plants of all kinds and fresh produce.
Several different Amish bakeries. Yes I brought home a pumpkin whip cream roll. It is a holiday you know and we needed another desert.
Gourmet coffee's and spices.
And last but not least the fun we had just spending a few minutes laughing and playing with this vendor's rubber ducks. Just when you think you can't have any more fun with good friends and family along comes a booth of rubber ducks. I'll leave it to your imagination.
I hope you all have had a wonderful holiday. Yes the true meaning of the day was celebrated at the Windmill too, including a stand still moment of silence for all of our fallen soldiers who have given us the freedom to be a part of this country. I hope everyone has had a great day and as summer has officially started, stays safe and enjoys themselves.

Monday, May 20, 2013

Around the Craft Zone this week.


This past week I've been getting to some of the projects that have been getting out of control. To be listed this week is a box of hundreds of 4.5 inch fabric squares cut from leftovers. I made a few pillow case dresses for charity and my daughter gave me a shoe box full of dresses she had cut out and I finished a couple she had started. Completed 12 and have at least 12 more to work on. Also still being up cycled is the curtain now apron project I started last week. Just the ties and waist band and that will be done. I hope everyone has a wonderful week and let's keep those in dangerous weather situations in our thoughts.

Monday, May 13, 2013

Vintage table cloth being re loved.


I just couldn't do it. It would have taken a life time to soak the stains out of this well loved vintage table cloth. I'm usually good at soaking items to give them new life. Even things everyone else would have thrown away years ago. My success rate has been great with soaking. This, however, I couldn't do. Instead I used it as a cutter for new projects. It was my goal to give myself time to get back to some sewing and I finally did this past week. There was so much that I salvaged from this table cloth.
The four corners of the table cloth were in almost excellent condition and I attached them to white muslin and cotton batting to make four place mats. I backed them in yellow checkered gingham. I had recently reclaimed a bed skirt for the eyelet lace trim and saved the 100% cotton fabric from it. From this I managed one dozen twelve inch napkins and just simply appliqued salvaged fruit pieces to them.
I made two fry pan handle pot holders and there will be two round pot holder/hot plate pads. So far that's twenty new items from this table cloth. I went through my stash and the two new curtain panels I found a couple of weeks ago with a bright colorful trim will be turned into aprons. I searched through my stash of fabric and found some fruit print fabric that I'll use for pockets and ties.
These items are not going to be sold or given away. They are for me. The next rebuild in my life is to get back into traveling and these will go in my camping, glamping, trailer or may I just call it my dream chest.
There was a trip to a neighborhood sale and I found two items. I spent all of $4 for both. I also got to the thrift store and found a few items. I know I took time for myself this past week and the stats on my stores show it, but it was a great mental health week and I did something green and kept stuff out of the landfill. It's back to work today and I would love for you to stop by and visit my stores and visit my Facebook page and check like to see my future updates. Have a great week.

Sunday, May 05, 2013

Easing into summer thrifting.

As I'm getting into the swing of spring yard sales, estate sales and church sales I'm finding many items, which means that I can take my time and ease into summer thrifting and treasure hunting. I have been so busy that I sometimes forget what I've taken pictures of and what I have not. The Napco smiley face planter is on it's second photo session. This could also be a senior moment on my part, but it just tickles my fancy. The dainty floral juice pitcher and glasses were made in Japan by a company called Lego. They are simple but refreshing. I especially love the green and black floral pie plate also made in Japan.
Once again a second photo session for the cotton nautical themed napkins from India. I would have taken new pictures but these items are packaged and stored and have been listed on my stores. I didn't really want to get them undone and retake pictures.
In this group I found an old rusted lamp shade frame that is listed as a craft item, a clear glass Pyrex grab-it bowl and two bright orange and yellow rooster towels. Lately I have been finding many bright and lively kitchen towels.
At a community garage sale I found this apple shaped lazy Susan that I couldn't resist. It is so vintage and can you see the fresh vegetables and dip in it on that lazy afternoon lounging?
I found some Pyrex covers to go with some of my bowls, a vintage Pyrex tea pot, a pair of red salt and pepper shakers in the shape of a coffee pots made in Japan, and a 1920's Pyrex 205 mini pie plate that is 4 7/8 inches in diameter. Quite cute actually.
I found two sets of vintage fondue forks. One set is Oneida stainless steel. The owl is a votive candle holder. The vintage 11.5 inch doll pattern from 1972 was complete with just minimal wear. It includes everything including panties and a wedding dress, but not a Tuxedo. I found a Georges Briard bird print plate and my favorite find was the strawberry shortcake picnic basket tin which is in almost pristine condition from 1980.

These bright colored over sized linen and cotton kitchen towels are from Romania.
This was already a wonderful treasure hunt, but it was made even better with the Vera Neumann scarfs.
I wouldn't be who I am without looking at the linens and fabric. This week I found sheets, pillow cases curtains, yard goods and a table cloth. All of the items featured in this blog have been prepped and listed on my on line stores: and
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Wednesday, May 01, 2013

May already?

If I were to make a dumb statement like May already, when did that happen while my daughter was home she would reply with some remark like "this morning", so I'll say it in my blog. When did that happen? I'm still working on some April items that I found thrifting for my store.
Recently listed is this 5x7 tray, made in Japan that originally was going to hang on the wall. It wasn't quite the shade of blue we like so it is listed on the store.

A new Vera Bradley coin purse without the ribbon pulls. Some one added a lobster clip and chain so that's how it's listed.

Two large linen towels that were just too realistic to pass up. I thought about framing the fish towel for wall art, but I listed it instead.
This is a set of 100% cotton nautical themed 20 inch napkins. These were made in India.

Who can resist a vintage Napco smiley face planter? I have an original McCoy cookie jar that was given to me for my daughters first Christmas. She now has it and stores cookie cutters in it.
Last for this listing is my first ever piece of pink Pyrex. All of these items are listed on and
I can't believe that I have more items that I've found and listed for April that I haven't shared, but it is coming. Have a wonderful week everyone.
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