Monday, February 25, 2013

Four Leaf Clover in My Pocket

With my grandchildren off from school last week I had the opportunity to spend time with two of them. At the beginning of the week there was my sweetie Kalob. He's fourteen now and just a fine young man. Of course the time was short with him and the time was spent with him. We ate and played video games and just gabbed about the things he likes and in less than 24 hours mom picked him up to be with a family member having surgery.
Later in the week my eldest daughter and I picked up my darling granddaughter. Amanda will be eighteen in August and a few days after her birthday will leave home to become a freshman in college. Where does the time go? She visited for four days and boy did Auntie, Mandy and I have fun. We shopped and thrifted, sewed and relaxed, gabbed and giggled and just had a wonderful time. We looked at and found her shoes and dresses. I didn't know she was into such cute dresses and we found her four. All thrifted and in wonderful condition. We also found her some great vintage shoes. She was all set.
We ended up visiting a total of eight thrift stores. I had literally felt like I had a four leaf clover in my pocket. I found so much that it seemed endless. I got whatever I could to build my store inventories. They included everything from some great Pyrex to Vera Bradley. Well look...see. This is only the tip of the iceberg of finds. I think I have enough to share through the end of March. I took advantage of the opportunity and thanked the universe for making the funds available to purchase so much.

As you can see there are two of the larger size Cinderella stacking Pyrex bowls, some  NIP twin size vintage sheets, four vintage made in Japan Santa mugs and a Libbey's golden wheat pitcher.
Then there was a Vera Bradley bag and card holder, two vintage Libbey owl and bird glasses, vintage party picks, a Care Bear friends plate and a great collection of vintage invitations, contact paper and shelf liners. These items will be listed on my stores within the next couple of weeks, but there are stacks of other items to care for and prepare that were purchased this weekend and as of this writing the washer and dryer are humming away with some of the linens found. I hope everyone has a wonderful week and please feel free to stop by my stores and take a peek.
I'm sure I'll be listing other items found before I get to blog them all.

This is a close up of the libbey glasses. I've been unable to match them yet, but I will be doing an image search on them. They were just so different that I couldn't pass them up.

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Friday, February 22, 2013

Granddaughter's thrifted dresses

This is a darling black floral rayon dress that she chose to try on and when she did it was going home with us. It has that vintage 80's feel and a wonderful lace collar. What a wonderful find for $6 and is an easy care dress for her.

This second dress found at the fourth and final thrift store of our day is a bit longer and more formal. Although it looks like it just hangs on the dress form it has a balloon hem and is something that she can wear with a nice pair of black heals, a nice bolero sweater, some great jewelry and attend any formal event. This dress also was a steal at $6. We had a great day together with her Aunt and I can't wait to show you the treasures that I came home with.  

Sunday, February 17, 2013

This week at the Zone

The only thrifted item this week was a total accident. No thrift shopping was scheduled so that I could work with what I already had in stock. We went out to do errands and wanted to stop at a used furniture store in search of an apartment size entertainment center. No luck there, but next door was a small but full thrift shop. This Josef Originals Owl set was all I bought, but there was too much to take in so I will be planning another visit. The set includes a coffee pot (?) or pitcher and two mugs. I'm sure the pot or pitcher had a lid, but it is still functional as is and in great condition. It was a great deal and this will be listed on within the next few days.

This week was filled with work. Three weeks ago I left my job to work on my stores and to grow my business. Sounds dangerous, but I only had part time work. I've had a great week and sold items on both stores and eBay making it well worth my time. I probably will never be rich, but I'm enjoying the independence. I've got help from family and they are teaching me and helping me all of the time. I'm starting over again from scratch, but this time I'm making it fun and living.

Sold on were two NIP vintage sheets. Sold on was a vintage made in Japan monkey cookie jar.

The following items were sold on eBay. I like the auctions because I can keep the cash flow moving to invest in my on line stores.

This is a large bundle of new fleece fabric, which at the time of this posting is still at auction. I consider it sold because there have been two bids on it and there are currently three watchers. This auction ends in two days.

Also sold was this bundle of white and pink satin fabric with white and silver lace fabric.

The best sale was this large stash of new lace yard goods. There were 21 yards up for auction and I got more than a fair price. This week I will be busy with shipping and listing more on both stores and eBay.
I also get to visit with my grandchildren. It is February break and I am so excited to be able to visit with them. That's what life is all about. Working at what you love doing and having time with the people who mean so much to you.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Most recent thrift finds.

The vintage tree stump with mushroom garden items above are actually a set of salt and pepper shakers. They are exceptionally tall and I hadn't seen anything like them before. Needless to say they came home with me. I also found a vintage 1972 linen towel that was in excellent condition for it's age. I fell in love with covered bridges on my trip to Vermont. The hanging owl is a candle holder. These items are listed on .

I found this lovely Pyrex juice pitcher, many souvenir state trays. These are two from Pennsylvania. There is a tray and a bowl. I haven't seen many bowls and I was excited. Then there was this darling vintage Santa tin can. It measures four inches tall and two inches in diameter. I couldn't resist the illustrations on this tin.
The rest of the souvenir state trays will be listed in the next few days. I have taken all of the pictures and edited them. There's a tray from Alabama, Georgia, Virginia, West Virginia and Tennessee and they are all in wonderful condition. I am always amazed when I sell one of these trays. I think it was a great score even though I didn't find any fabric this week.
Please stop by and see what's new on and . I'm having a great time listing items on eBay also. The money from eBay is supporting my on-line stores. Ah... the art reselling.

Monday, February 04, 2013

Small finds but a special one.

This is the special find. A 16x20 inch shadow box. Bought at a thrift price, new and still in the package. Why special? This shadow box will house a special baseball T-shirt and ball cap worn by my eldest grandson. He gave me his uniform because it was a Red Sox uniform. Not his favorite team, mine. He believes he will play for the Yankees, his favorite team. Can you imagine the conversations we've had? He was 12 at the time. No matter where he plays or if he never makes it, the gift was special. I will cherish it forever and will be hanging it where I can see it everyday.

These two vintage 1982 Thermo-Serv, Inc. plastic mugs could not be left behind. They are bright red and feature ladybugs. Too cute.

Then there was a great find of vintage kitchen towels. These two are Vera.
These are three brightly colored floral kitchen towels.
Then to top it off these two calorie reminding linen kitchen towels. They may have been small finds, but good ones. These items will be listed on my stores: and I am also listing some items on eBay auction. This allows me to make a few dollars a bit quicker to support my on line stores. I hope you stop by and visit.