Monday, March 31, 2014

Thrift finds and creations from the sewing table.

Thrifty goodness.

I have Spring fever. I think all the items with Spring colors has made this happen. More Mikasa coffee mugs this week, Vera napkins and a collection of Daisy flower pins.

Fell in love with this bright orange and gray geometric and floral scarf. The Christmas puppy is a Josef and we also found a great bundle of canning jar rubber rings. I'm keeping some for my older style jars I use for storage and the rest I will list for sale.

And from the sewing room this week where we are continuing to use up the bits and pieces comes a Spring pillow cover, a cup cozy and a set of four mug rugs. Thank you for stopping by and I hope everyone has a wonderful week. 

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Couldn't stay away.

I know we have lots of stuff to get organized and listed on the store already, but this week we were side tracked when we made a trip to the thrift store to make more donations. Down sizing is time consuming but it feels good to know some one else can use the items. Yes we ended up going into the store itself and had some great luck.

The most exciting find was these rare mint condition Mikasa cups and saucers. They are called "Playmates" and are kumquat colored. It is a set of six. Currently listed on etsy. They looked lovely with the hand made Easter egg shaped mug rugs listed on etsy.

We found the brightest Granny apple green vintage made in Japan fondue pot. etsy

For those persons who love vintage bar ware we found this cocktail shaker glass complete with recipes. etsy

The trend toward pink lately has been connected with those lovely ladies who enjoy glamping. Pink is a popular color choice when they decorate their vintage trailers. We found this lovely and unique dish made in Pedro, CA. etsy

We also found a great selection of vintage 1970's cotton and linen calendar towels. Some are signed and some are not, but they sure are fun. etsy  See them all at

One cute find that could not be left behind was this vintage made in Japan cat figurine. The wide eyes on this cat screamed to come home with me. etsy

It was just a short trip in and out, but the lesson is if you're already there take the time to look around. Thanks for stopping by and have fun checking out the stores. From this addicted thrifter, have a great week everyone.

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Monday, March 17, 2014

Up cycled vintage sewing and what's on the sewing table this week.

Our sewing and fabric addiction is showing it's face. It all started with an apron last week. This past week my daughter got some of her "unfinished" projects out and "finished" them up so we can continue to grow and clean out here at The Craft Zone. Here are some of the up cycled ladies tops made from vintage reclaimed sheets.

These tops have long sleeves and short sleeves finished with elastic. There are elastic necklines and yoke necklines. Some are belted for a fitted look and some are just loose and comfy. They are made from vintage patterns that, yes, she has found at thrift stores throughout the years.

When you sew there are always mounds of scraps. Strips, squares, circles and trims. Everything from new to vintage scraps. Why not put them to use. This past weekend she experimented with Easter egg shaped mug rugs. These seem to be the new coasters and personally I like the idea of a larger coaster. I like to set out a warm plate, but have always used pot holders. Why didn't I think of mug rugs. Dah!

On the sewing table now are all the items made from the remnants of the apron. I've managed a quilted table runner from two inch strips, an oven mitt, two pot holders or mug rugs and then from the remainder of the two inch strips I am sewing them together for another pot holder. I promised myself it wouldn't go back to the works in progress bin and it didn't. I ordered bias tape from eBay because I didn't want to edge them with white and there weren't enough remnants to make bias tape, so as soon as it gets here they will all be finished. Thank you everyone who stopped by and left comments last week. I hope this week is a great one for everyone. 

Monday, March 10, 2014

A little bit of everything this week.

The thrift finds this week were small. Mostly because we didn't get out to do much. We spent time with family, got the taxes filed, went out to lunch and have just been doing what needs to be done around the apartment. 

I spent some time choosing the fabrics for my next quilt. The oriental print has been my favorite for a long time. It is bed linen fabric that I will up cycle and mix with the solids. Most of the fabrics have been thrift finds and some are just leftover remnants from other projects. I know it's bright, but color inspires me. 

Thrift finds this weekend include a vintage Hollie Hobbie bed sheet, a yellow and orange floral pillow case and a beautiful gray and pink art deco style vintage pitcher. 

It was a work and play weekend and I think we needed to relax a bit. Relaxing to me is sewing and with St. Patrick's day coming I had to make something. That something was an apron. I know it won't make the corned beef and cabbage taste any better, but it will make the cooking fun.

We have so many items that we need to list on line that I think we may take a couple weeks off from hunting and just work with what's here. It's been wonderful building the stores and getting it all organized as far as storing it. Lots of research to be done to make sure we know what we're listing and continuing to grow. I hope everyone has a wonderful week and thanks for stopping by. 

Monday, March 03, 2014

Finished or not at The Craft Zone.

The Craft Zone is just that. A place where we can work on our love of textile crafts. All kinds of textile crafts. It has merged into a blog or two, a store or two and many, many friends. There are so many people that finish every project or nearly every project. My eldest daughter finishes projects. Here are two pillows she finished this weekend in between studying. Yes she works full time and carries a full time college schedule and manages to finish sewing projects. Of course they only needed the inserts and the closing stitched, but she finished them.

Her listing manager got them on her shop today and they can both be found at
I on the other hand had several plans for this piece of Waverly fabric but never started and therefore never finished. So this morning it also got listed as commercial fabric at

I'd like to finish some knitting projects. One is started, but could anyone finish a project if their knitting basket looked like this?

What a mess. Really. There is a sweater in that mess that is just about all done. I believe there may be just a few inches to go to finish the sleeves. Then just block it, sew it together and knit the neckline and front edges, but could I work with that mess? Could I even find the directions to finish it in that mess? This morning was the end. It had to get cleaned. I got to it and threw out endless pieces of paper that I used to count. I cleaned my late aunts knitting bag and put it in the wash, sorted out at least 20 extra pairs of knitting needles to donate, organized every little marker, pad of paper, textile tool and yarn. The final result is a clean knitting basket that I can now use. Doesn't it look better?

And here are the knitting needles to be donated. I think I had a few too many.

So spring cleaning has begun here and it feels good. Maybe I'll have that sweater finished by next fall when cooler weather comes back. I know I won't have it finished for the cold we have now.