Monday, March 03, 2014

Finished or not at The Craft Zone.

The Craft Zone is just that. A place where we can work on our love of textile crafts. All kinds of textile crafts. It has merged into a blog or two, a store or two and many, many friends. There are so many people that finish every project or nearly every project. My eldest daughter finishes projects. Here are two pillows she finished this weekend in between studying. Yes she works full time and carries a full time college schedule and manages to finish sewing projects. Of course they only needed the inserts and the closing stitched, but she finished them.

Her listing manager got them on her shop today and they can both be found at
I on the other hand had several plans for this piece of Waverly fabric but never started and therefore never finished. So this morning it also got listed as commercial fabric at

I'd like to finish some knitting projects. One is started, but could anyone finish a project if their knitting basket looked like this?

What a mess. Really. There is a sweater in that mess that is just about all done. I believe there may be just a few inches to go to finish the sleeves. Then just block it, sew it together and knit the neckline and front edges, but could I work with that mess? Could I even find the directions to finish it in that mess? This morning was the end. It had to get cleaned. I got to it and threw out endless pieces of paper that I used to count. I cleaned my late aunts knitting bag and put it in the wash, sorted out at least 20 extra pairs of knitting needles to donate, organized every little marker, pad of paper, textile tool and yarn. The final result is a clean knitting basket that I can now use. Doesn't it look better?

And here are the knitting needles to be donated. I think I had a few too many.

So spring cleaning has begun here and it feels good. Maybe I'll have that sweater finished by next fall when cooler weather comes back. I know I won't have it finished for the cold we have now. 


Pam~ Virginia Retro said...

Love your redo! Envy your daughter's sewing talents and your knitting. I'm trying to find a beginners knitting class, but live rural so not so easy.

Visiting from VTT.

LV said...

I ave never been into crafting, but enjoy seeing what others do.

Sarah Coller said...

Those pillows are super cute---I love the colors!

Have a great weekend!

Diane Barnard said...

You have inspired me to straighten up my own knitting mess. I raise sheep, spin & knit and there is stuff everywhere. I hope I can make my efforts look as lovely as yours. The pillows are very nice. Now I'm on my way to your etsy store:)