Saturday, February 22, 2014

What else was in that trunk?

Well as you saw in last weeks blog post that the trunk was quite full, but it didn't reveal the treasures. We haven't gone out thrifting this week because we've been busy cleaning sorting and listing our finds. We believe that the universe is leading us in a direction and we don't mind at all. Fabric is something we love and enjoy. Finding it opens doors to all sorts of sewing projects. We do keep some of the fabric we find, but lately we've been listing it on the stores to supplement our income. Last week we found so many differnt fabrics and here I am to share them with you.

This is two bundles of what is called PUL fabric. Short for polyurethane laminated fabric which is used for diaper making, snack bags, mittens and microwavable potato pouches along with many other waterproof projects.

These are bundles of cotton interlock fabric advertised for diaper making, more PUL fabric and baby flannel prints. So many fun prints and colors. Just fell in love with them.

This is everything from cotton yard goods, cuff ribbing, and cotton interlock.

To break things up a bit there were these two bright red fish shot glasses.

This is what we found for linens. Vintage sheets are just so much fun, but let me tell you that there is almost six yards of army green corduroy. This we will keep to blend with other fabrics for bags.

 There was dress fabric. This is a polyester crepe type fabric in an off white shade.

This black fabric is Posh fabric which is used for lingerie or slip dresses. All of this has been listed on and the sales are starting to come in. This has been an awesome week, but I think the motivation came from the fun prints and different kinds of fabric. I would love to keep it all, but that's just not possible. I've had many creative moments this week, but just had to hope it gets loved by others. 


Kari S said...

Wow! Thats a lot of fabric, what a score!! I imagine the PUL fabric is a score, so many mom's make their own covers.

Van said...

I LOVE the fabric and this red fish cups! I'm fish obsessed ;) Especially love the dinosaur fabric.

LV said...

I do not sew but that is a great fabric find. Many pretty things can be made from it.

c. Joy said...

Sure I like fabric, but I love the fishy shot glasses.

Linda @ A La Carte said...

Great fabric score, but I love the little fish glasses. Thanks for linking to TTF!

Jackie Jardine said...

Awesome prints on that fabric! I love the elephants. Thanks for linking up with me on Let's Go Thrifting!

<3 Jackie