Monday, February 17, 2014

We always wanted to specialize in fabric.

Thrifting has been so wonderful so far this year. Yes we've found things to make our lives easier and better, but when we started thrifting it was to supplement our income reselling fabric. This is what we enjoy more than anything and we have been blessed lately with great fabric finds. Sure I like to find my unusual bottles and jars along with those vintage items and household items, but it's the fabric that keeps me hopping. It's changing almost as fast as technology and every day I learn more and more about fabric. When I raised my family I made most of their clothes, knitted and crochet their sweaters, hats and mittens and did what I had to, to make ends meet. I can't change time, but I can enjoy what young mothers have to work with today.

The bottles this week were five Ikea spice type jars. I'm looking forward to putting my flavored sugars in them for gifts or company. I also found some tall bottles that are perfect for vanilla extract. Also for gift giving. 

There was so much fabric last week. Here there are some stretch knits that will make fun tank dresses that are great for over bathing suits and of course sheets.

Did some one say pink elephants? These two pieces of yard goods are fun vintage elephant prints. Just love them. 

There was brown stretch knit skirting fabric, black posh and a great piece of camouflage fabric. 

This pair includes a great piece of corduroy and a couple of yards of Christmas table cloth fabric. I know it will never be a table cloth, but the sewing ideas are spinning in my head. 

I love the daisy fabric in this picture. We also found more vintage scarfs, an Ikea bud vase and some 1970s Precious Moments recipe post cards. 

The picture frame was an awesome bargain. This may be used to hold pictures of my three grandchildren or some thrifted piece of art work. There are three pieces of the lovely floral fabric, yards of the robot interlock diaper fabric along with a snoopy coffee mug and a vintage trivet. My daughter spray paints these trivets and hangs them on the walls around our apartment. I have to admit they do look good as wall art.

The beautiful pink fabric in this picture is a vintage panel. All one piece, but two different versions of the flower. The angel is for my daughters collection. She also puts little collections on shelves on the wall. I think she just hates white apartment walls. The clamp on light she bought for our picture taking. 

And then there was this. My daughter works at a large college and one of her students came by on Saturday and we did it, yes we did it. Took her around to some of our favorite hunting spots and this is what they came home with. Next weeks partial blog because I will only blog what is ours. 

Yes that's a tiger in the trunk. It's a vintage needle punch rug. It will be dry cleaned and this student will use it as a wall hanging. It is huge and the price $12. So much work went into this. Needle punch is not easy and your hands hurt after a short time working. 

Yes they filled the trunk, but most of this will have to wait until next weeks blog. It will have to be sorted out and photographed, but as you can see they had a great time. I on the other hand only spent $3.43 for a set of double pointed knitting needles to finish some hats, five packages of double fold bias tape and one canning jar. My bag was so small but I can't wait to do it again. 


Marta Chan said...

Pink elephants fabric is so lovely, to sew a tote bag for exemple =) you found so many neat fabric, defenitly great thrift year for you!

Van said...

I haven't stuffed my car like that in a long while. Fabric's a good way to go, light on storage, easy to ship.

LV said...

Wonderful collection of fabric. I never knew what a store bought item was until I was in high school. My mother made all our cloths from flour sacks.

Heidi Ann said...

Cool- especially that rug! Can't even see the whole thing, but I think I love it.