Monday, February 03, 2014

Thrift finds and the fun continues.

As I said in my prior post we have small shops popping up all over. We got an email from my sister-in-law stating that she found another one while she was driving down a popular street here and couldn't wait to tell us. This past weekend my daughter purchased a new to her vehicle and I envision us doing even more thrifting. With information coming about new pop up shops in the neighborhood it looks like we are going to have a great year thrifting. Here are some of the finds from last week.

Always linens and scarfs. I think we look for these items first. This collection includes a vintage plastic floral Kleenex box and amazingly a vintage sheet with the same colors, a towel, scarfs, and crochet doilies. Some will be used for sewing projects and others will be listed on the store. Towels we seek out for our vintage bathroom. 

Plenty of vintage linen napkins. These are just some of what we found.

There is a vintage vinyl bag which can hold those wonderful vintage thermos bottles, a Mikasa tea pot, a Pyrex double boiler, and my favorite finds are the stainless steel coffee pot and the vintage Christmas items. 

The Mrs. Santa with extended arms hugs a candle and since there was only one we knew she had to come home and be added to our collection. I have to take a minute and share a fun moment about one of the new pop up shops. We saw the sign outside that said 50% off and got excited about a possible hunt. When we got to the door it was locked, but the sign said open. We knocked and got no response. A minute later the partner to the owner came up behind us and apologized. He had run next door to the 7-11 for something to eat. He was left alone to move a counter to the front of the store and empty boxes. I didn't ask why he didn't have help. I just started to rummage. After we found so much we couldn't hold it any more we told him we were ready to cash out, so he proceeds to write up a slip because he didn't know how to use the cash register. The only job I could find after losing my job in 2008 was cashiering. I wasn't thrilled, but I needed income. I told him I would look at it and help him and he got excited. Well it was just a simple adding machine style register and he knew a couple of steps and I rang up a couple of customers for him to show him the final steps. He had it down by the time we left. We got our items rung up and I think we came out of his shop with close to $90 worth of merchandise for $10. We tried to convince him that it was worth more, but he insisted that the sale was final. He was grateful for the help and as we were leaving at least six more customers came through the door. We helped him and he helped us and business picked up for him. Amazing how that works.

Some more finds included Pyrex, vintage paper party napkins and cups, a turquoise teapot, jelly jars, mugs and a toy VW bug.

The wooden recipe boxes are awesome. To see some one's cooking history and think about the meals that were prepared from the recipes in the boxes has been so much fun. This person even added pictures to her cards for excitement. There were Aladdin thermos bottles and an American Flag themed candle holder. I think that may get painted. 

We found baskets, Wilhold pattern boxes, vintage plastic Christmas table clothes, NIP paint by numbers, signs and framed pictures, cook books and vintage pinking sheers still in the original package along with vintage contact paper.

Then the new desk chair. Yes, there is plenty more and this weekend we visited one thrift store and found so much more in the way of linens. It's been a great year so far. Having the time of our lives junkin'.


kate steeper said...

deeply envious....oh for the boot sale season to begin

Marta Chan said...

The wooden recipe boxes sounds like a fun way to organize r├ęcipes, did you find anything interesting? Also the termos are to die for.

Van said...

So many gorgeous finds! Love the coffee/tea pots! And, well,everything.

Art and Sand said...

Wonderful finds.

I like the linens and have to laugh about the orange chair. That is what the chairs in my classroom looked like, except blue. I just retired in June and don't miss those chairs at all.

LV said...

Sounds as tho you are in the middle of some great thrift shopping. We do not have many here,

LV said...

Sounds as tho you are in the middle of some great thrift shopping. We do not have many here,

Sew Inspired said...

Thank you everyone for visiting this week. We are having a fun time thrift shopping. The recipes in the boxes are so high in fat and the not so good for you kind, but they were the staples then. The chair is a class room chair and we love it. We see many in dark blue, but to find an orange one was so exciting. LV I couldn't imagine not having thrift stores around. Maybe that's why we mail things your way so often. Have a wonderful weekend everyone.

Linda @ A La Carte said...

Oh my goodness! You are really having a thrifting bonanza! So many great finds. Thanks for sharing at TTF!

laura sampson said...

wow you're SO lucky to have all those new thrifts digs showing up--we're stuck with the same old same old for now-they're very high priced too