Monday, January 27, 2014

Thrift shops popping up all over. Fun hunting.

It seems like everyone is opening a thrift shop in any little spot they can find these days. It's been great and adventurous for us. The pickings have been bright and colorful and even the quality has been good. We have been out twice in the last week and have had so much fun. I hope it continues. We've found items for the store and items for our personal use. What a world!

First the personal use things we found. Yes four new food saver vacuum seal canisters. All four for $12. If we had purchased new almost $50.

Canning jars are always going to find their way to my kitchen. Cannot believe I've been finding them when it seems like everyone is looking for them. Total $4.

We found two Wilhold sewing boxes full of stuff and junk including candles, picture hanging hardware, needles and thread along with stuff that went directly into the trash. I think this is the first red one we've found. We also found a wear-ever cookie gun with all the parts and couldn't resist. I think my daughter is going to keep this and use it. I had one and sold it thinking I'd never make cookies again and sure enough there's one back in our lives.

These bright colored vintage Shel-Co plastic coffee cups were a fun find. I think it's the colors that attracted us to them.

Four yellow Mikasa light and lively coffee mugs are next.

More Pyrex in the form of a cooking pot with cover.

A great collection of vintage and reproduction cookbooks and a plastic Jesus.

For linens and fabric items we found 3 yards of black corduroy, some vintage curtain panels, a vintage Vera scarf and a darling white cotton sun dress that I may take apart for the fabric if after researching proves it's not something I should sell as is. 
This was the first of the two trips we took and what fun we had. In between shopping trips was lots of baking. Yes, baking. I had half a gallon of milk sour on me and I decided to use it instead of pour it down the drain. I made several different things and found all of the recipes on Pinterest.

First there was spice cake with cream cheese icing. I made two and cut them in half freezing three pieces for later.

12 pint size jars of sour milk chocolate cake along with Valentines day cupcakes and one small cake from the batter left for eating this week.

And my favorites were the pomegranate scones. I had made scones before but not in cast iron and I just had to try this new to me pan. They were awesome. So you can see that this gal keeps quite busy. Next time those teenage grandsons come to visit there will be treats for them to eat. The second thrifting journey netted so much more and I'll be working on that post for next week. So much to do, but just living life to the fullest makes this gal very happy. Life is good.


Marta Chan said...

Uh these mikasa mugs are perfect for my evening tea =) what I like best when searching for vintage are the boxes or something like these sewing cases so I can open them, its always a surprise

Sus said...

Will the red box and red cups be listed?????

Sus said...

Will the red box and red cups be listed?????

Jill said...

Love your Vera.

The spice cake looks delicious! Yummm!

Sew Inspired said...

Thanks for stopping by ladies. It's been a wonderful adventure this week. Jill I found another Vera scarf and yes the spice cake was delicious.

Van said...

Love the mugs and boxes, great storage scores.

daisy g said...

Great finds! Isn't thrifting so much fun!

Linda @ A La Carte said...

I love thrifting and finding such great items to use and sell! Thanks for sharing at TTF!