Saturday, May 26, 2012

Vintage Textile Craft Learning Books

These nine vintage learning books were found in a box marked "rummage please". I was more than happy to do so. The earliest was printed in 1941. The price was twenty five cents. What a year. In the time of Utube and on-line free instructions these books will some day be totally obsolete. What did we do before the Internet? We used these instruction books. They include sewing projects, knitting projects, crocheting, tatting and home decor ideas. Another is from 1949 several are from the sixties and another from 1975. I've done my share of sewing, knitting, crocheting and home decorating. It was fascinating to look at these books. These are soon to be listed on my Etsy store, so stop by to see what's new and have a wonderful Memorial day everyone.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Coffee and blogging. Could it get any better?

And as soon as I typed this title my Internet service decided to act up. Of course. Why not? Yes it could always be better, but I'll take what I have now and cherish it.  I love this still time of the morning when everyone is still sleeping and I can relax on Saturday morning. Not much on the schedule this morning so I'll update my blog and get busy on my store.
I was quite selective this week looking for thrift finds. I wanted to stay under budget and managed to get some great finds and do just that. Lately I've been thrifting in my own collections and the things I accumulated while being a home owner. Now that I'm in a smaller space I've downsized and only kept the items that had potential for selling. Still some furnishings to empty out, but with today's economy and people needing so much it won't be hard to find them homes. The hard part is getting someone to lift and move them when they want them.
I don't have a favorite item this week, but the one item with great potential is a cake plate surrounded with strawberries that is vintage Japanese. Then comes the vintage fruit and vegetable hooks made in Japan. I found a couple pieces of yard goods that I'm not sure if I'm going to make something with or sell. The souvenir tray is from Arizona and a lot of people seem to collect these. I found some vintage cardboard Disney wall hangings, a brass owl trivet that needs some polish and a vintage Santa made in Japan. Just a statue this time not a music box, but he was so cute I couldn't resist.
It's been a slow month selling on line. I've come to the conclusion that it's because everyone has been as busy as I have. This month has Mother's day, Graduations, Memorial day, end of school year events for children, getting gardens cleaned and planted and who knows what else. I have summer on my mind and I'm sure everyone else does also. I'm ready to start with the numerous yard sales too. It's just an itch that needs to be scratched. I guess if that's what I'm doing so is everyone else. Please everyone have a wonderful week and check out my store for new listings.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Mother's Day Gift To Someone Else.

The time that I've had lately to sew for myself or charity has been so scarce. I had visitors for Mother's day on Saturday and decided that I would sit down at my machine and do something for someone else. My daughter and I donate to the Linus Project. If you haven't heard of it they take home made quilts or afghans for sick children and young adults at area hospitals. We try to get about half a dozen together and then make sure they get where they need to be for distribution. The fabric in this quilt is from a cutter reclaimed bed sheet and remnants from my stash. I have enough to make one more which will come at a slower pace because of time. This quilt measures 52x48 and will keep some little one a little warmer in tough times. It felt so good to get back to some sewing and to do something for someone else. I can't imagine spending Mother's day in the hospital with a sick child. I was so blessed to have three healthy children and so far healthy grandchildren.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

This has been a slow week.

Although I was able to thrift and find a few items it has been very slow here this week. I've had Internet issues and hope to get them taken care of soon. My finds this week included two pair of reclaimed tab curtains that are already taken apart to reclaim the fabric. A bright pink and orange sheet for fabric, a floral ash tray from Japan, a mushroom print trivet from Japan, four plastic coffee cups with the same exact print as the trivet only made for Sears, a whimsical frog and mushroom wall hanging and last but not least a set of Georges Briard Christmas coasters. Some of these items need some maintenance and others will be listed shortly if not already on my etsy store:
When I moved a few months ago I put merchandise in boxes and marked them as store inventory. Since my service was slow or not available at all this week I shopped in those boxes. This morning I have begun to take the pictures of these items. It feels good to empty out and move on. Some items I asked myself why I kept them, but I quickly found ways to donate them and move them along to other homes. I cannot believe the items that I have accumulated and kept in boxes. So onward and upward to find them new lives with new families and continue the recycle, renew and reuse aspect of life. Have a wonderful week everyone.

Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Juvenile Linens are just coming to me. Interesting.

I had absolutely no intentions of stopping at an estate sale, but I did. Found one item and one item only and couldn't resist. This vintage twin size set of Cabbage Patch Kids sheets were just too cute. Okay so it was after noon on the last day of the sale and it was on my way back from running errands and the universe directed me there. At least the one item that I found was a great find and of course since it was the last day and after the bewitching hour I got them for a lesser price. Thank you universe.

The elastic on the fitted sheet is showing it's age (1985) but otherwise they are in excellent condition. The set includes one flat sheet, one fitted sheet and one pillowcase. Still lots of room to be enjoyed or upcycled into something new. This set is all Cabbage Patch girls so I imagine they may have made sheet sets with just Cabbage Patch boys. I sure hope so. That's how my week is going and what I've found. I have many more items and will keep listing them on my Etsy store. See you there. Have a wonderful week everyone.