Sunday, January 27, 2013

My thift adventures this week.


I had a good time getting out and thrifting this week. The finds were good. Some condition issues were only fair. Any way getting out for a while in this bitter cold weather was a healthy move. I don't want to get cabin fever this early. I found this bright colored Fisher Price twin size duvet cover. It is in great condition and I can't wait to list it this week. The golden book is a Joan Walsh Anglund story book. I love her illustrations. The BBC TV book is well illustrated also and is written after a BBC television show from 1972. Both books have been well loved and are in fair to good condition. I don't usually buy books, but these just captured my heart.

This darling owl bud vase is only three inches tall, but I couldn't resist his eyes. I found a funky flower bed sheet and a Care Bear bed sheet along with one dozen brown, gray, and tan fabric napkins. The sheets are in great condition and two of the napkins are soiled. I will look them over, but I thought they would be nice with a chocolate themed event. I guess avoiding cabin fever includes chocolate. Hmmm...
My favorite find this week and the one that brightened up the week was this bright red square Pyrex bowl. It was in horrible condition, but the price was right and even if I couldn't get it clean I wasn't going into financial ruin for it. The number on the bottom is 525B. It measures 9 inches in diameter and holds 2.5 quarts. I just liked it because it was red. After soaking and scrubbing I got it to usable condition. It actually looked like some one had baked in it.
Most of the items this week will be listed on or but I may try some on eBay. I hope everyone is enjoying thrifting and finding fun things as I am. I've been out again and can't wait to post my Saturday finds next week.


Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Exciting New Entrepreneurs

This mid week blog is dedicated to new entrepreneurs. Young woman who are using their creative skills to succeed in business. I hope you take the time to check them out and see what they are doing.

First of these entrepreneurs is "Bake It or Cleave It". This is a catering service that is getting off the ground by making goodies for smaller events of 50 to 100 attendees. The events are fun and colorful and creative. This is the Facebook location for the business:
I hope you take a few minutes to check it out and like her page.

The next entrepreneur is Hannah Betts Photography. This photographer works along with "Bake It or Cleave It" on special events to create beautiful pictures for their advertising. This is Hannah's web site:
Hannah takes some amazing pictures so I hope you enjoy looking.

Both of these entrepreneurs work along with another entrepreneur who supplies vintage fabrics for their tables and back drops. She sells vintage items and fabric on her store and loves sewing new items from used linens. She is also a sponsor for my blog. Here is her blog address:
I hope you can take another minute or two to visit this blog and see what she creates.

Contact information is available on all of these sites so if there is some business you can send their way I'm sure they would be grateful. We all know that the road to success is through networking so that is why I am taking the time to write this blog. The web sites are on my side board also.

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Soon to find new homes.

I had an incredibly wonderful adventure this week and found a good lot of vintage pillow cases. I also found a piece of black wool that I'm sure someone would love to felt.
The next two wonderful finds were a score. First there is a long and wide piece of new denim. I measured at least 3 yards. Who doesn't love denim. The stripe fabric is a heavy home decor fabric the same weight as the denim. Again this piece is at least three yards.
I also found two pieces of colonial print fabric, a fun piece of juvenile print fabric and two lovely hand made doilies that I may use as apron pockets just to add a splash of the past to a new item.
My favorite find was this vintage twin size race car bed cover. I just love the print and the colors. I can envision this as the focus point of a young boys bedroom decor.
Most of these items will eventually become inventory on my on line shops. Please feel free to visit:
I hope everyone has a wonderful week and please check in for next weeks exciting thrift finds. New finds and more bright colors to come.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

A few new thrifted items.

Just a few finds early this week. The first being a Napcoware made in Japan blue horse baby planter. The next being a made in Japan deviled egg dish. This is my favorite find. Both of these items are listed on The Pyrex bowl is the Shenandoah pattern and size 403. I have added this to two others to make a threesome. There are two 403s and one 402 and they are listed on

I also found this vintage neon pink, orange and green floral paper tablecloth. It is large enough for a six foot table at least. It hasn't any labels or sizes on the package, but it is unopened and ready for that seventies vintage party. This is also listed on my Etsy store.  

Has anyone who sells on Etsy notice that they've made shipping easy. Even International shipping is a snap. I hope Pay pal picks up International shipping soon. No more waiting in lines and filling out forms. It's all done automatically on line. I'm loving it and what a boost for my business. A+ Etsy.

Wednesday, January 09, 2013

New year new thrifting

Small pyrex storage bowls with covers. Two small 10 ounce bowls and one larger 20 ounce bowl. These are listes on
More reclaimed linens being cut for listing on
Another group of yard goods to list. I haven't decided which store, but it will be some time soon on one or the other.