Monday, December 16, 2013

Vintage and fun holiday decorating in our tiny space.

Lately the trend for many people has been to live in small spaces. Not all small spaces are small houses as I have learned. I live in a small townhouse style apartment and space is quite challenging since coming from a large home. Many "things" have gone in different directions, but I am much less stressed about the stuff. This is how we've decorated this holiday season with the vintage mixed with a few treasures and bargain decorations.

At the door hanging on the plant hook is this battery operated candle that came with a bargain garland. Very not decorated is what I mean. I decorated with some Craft Zone ribbons and some dollar store ornaments and as you can see we've had some snow (12 inches be exact) and it made it twice as beautiful.

On the kitchen counter is one of the two cookie jars from a very large collection that was kept and some holiday cookie mix and Grinch pills. LOL. I had to keep something for when the grandchildren came. By the way the other cookie jar is a McCoy smiley face, have a happy day jar that was a gift I received the first Christmas after my first child was born. I couldn't let that one go so I gave it to her since I am now living with her. 

This is our dining room. Room enough for a vintage china hutch, a table and four chairs. On the opposite side of the table is a vintage desk and I use one of the chairs from the table to make this my work space, photo center, shipping center and whatever it needs to be. Most everything my daughter has is mid century modern and been painted to cover the fact that it was actually not in good shape until she painted it. 

She has decorated with Mikasa plates, vintage planters, Santa's, snowmen, Vera cups and saucers, Mikasa Ben Siebel plates and even painted thrift store wine racks and glass racks to match the hutch. The inside backs have been covered with vintage wall paper to cover the holes and damage.

Add to the mixture some vintage Pyrex, a fondue pot and some vintage Lefton made in Japan Holly pieces and we have our decorating done. Simple, colorful and small. Some time Tuesday we will put our tree up and decorate it and then we'll bake some and eat some and be merry a lot and this will be our Christmas. 
OH! Don't let me forget Jax, our mischievous elf who has found his way to an ice cube tray because he was missing the North Pole. Who knows what he'll be up to next.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoy your holidays. I may pass on a blog post next week if things get to hectic. MANY BLESSINGS AND HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

Monday, December 09, 2013

Holiday Sewing

Sewing projects for the holidays all made from reclaimed fabrics and scraps.

To start, there is a wonderful 34 inch square tablecloth or lap blanket made entirely of reclaimed fabrics and scraps. We cut fabric down to 4.5 inch squares when we can and let them just accumulate until we can make something with them. The holiday colors are so cheery. The folded fabric stars are made of leftover scraps. I make many of these for my family and friends, but this is the first time I've listed any on the store.

This 16 inch pillow is made of new green cotton fabric, but the quilted flower and doily are reclaimed. We try and make good use of our favorite fabric pieces.

This has been our favorite piece of reclaimed fabric and we are still using pieces of it. These are two quilted place mats that are 18x12.5 inches. We had a wonderful time Thanksgiving weekend sewing and folding fabric. We were in our element. We did get some thrift shopping in and we'll be posting the items found at a later time. Please stop by the stores and see what's new. Have a great week everyone.