Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Halloween week thrift finds.

The pickings have NOT been slim, but the budget has slowed and so has time. I've been busy trying to get a few plants in, hardy Lavender and Hosta's to be exact, and clean the flower beds (thank you Kalob) and oh let's not forget the never ending chives. I don't know why but this year the chives have been a bit overwhelming and there is one more cutting today I'm sure. 

This is a sampling of some of the items found from previous thrifting trips that we will be listing this week. Sales have been steady and we can't ask for anything more than that. 

New embroidery patterns. Two of the four designs.

Salt and pepper shakers.

Large vintage metal tray.

Juvenile print fabric.

More fabric.

And even more fabric. 

Then with all the other things going on with grandsons playing football, love you Josh, and another grandson wrestling, love you Kalob, my granddaughter traveling to New Orleans with her college newspaper, love you Amanda, there's that wonderful cold weather moving in and a change in cooking habits. The basil plant is one of my newly started winter indoor garden herbs and who could ask for anything better than home made deep dish, double crust, chicken pot pie. Love!!! Yes the Danish pot was a thrift find as were all the terra cota pots and saucers and of course the deep dish casserole bowl. Very few items in our home are new.
Have a wonderful week everyone.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Mikasa, Fabric, Up Cycled and Service Pieces

Thrift finds this week were so much fun.

Aqua and silver were the finds in this group of Mikasa coffee mugs, a Mikasa Ben Seibel bowl, a beautiful silver cosmetic case that has already been embellished (up cycled) and a beautiful aqua glass with silver embossed flowers. I know a lot of people who are drawn to the color turquoise. It's beginning to grow on me too.

Another turquoise serving tray, oval serving dish and vintage oval casserole with flowers.

This group is the bright colors. First a vintage snack container and pretty vintage fabrics. Fabrics are my favorite finds. Who can resist the colors. Please stop by the stores to see what's new.

Monday, October 07, 2013

Filling the cupboards with extracts and spices.

It all started with vanilla.
I enjoy baking and giving my goodies to friends and family but the extreme cost of extracts and spices was discouraging me. I also have been known to can my extra banana breads, pumpkin breads and whatever to keep from wasting. Being single means smaller portions needed. Well I finally did it. I bought the vanilla beans and vodka. I now have two quarts of vanilla extract brewing, some vanilla sugar blending and some vanilla pudding mix in the pantry. I will be sharing some of the extract and using some for gifts. 

We had been making taco spice and other mixes since our discovery of Pinterest and saved money with our every day cooking so why not keep going and make more mixtures and extracts. The result is two cupboard filled with everything from canning spices to exotic extracts. The canned store bought tomatoes are because I now live in an apartment and growing my own is not allowed and canning them in my small kitchen would be too much. Some day I will have that privilege back. I miss it. If you have it cherish it.

I have a quart of local honey, lavender blossoms and extract, lemon and orange extracts and I also added some burger seasoning this weekend. I hurried this morning to make the lavender extract so that I could put the empty vodka bottle out with the recycling. There were two bottles that went out this morning. I wonder what the refuse collector is thinking. Oh well that's how it goes. Later this week I will be making lemon orange sugar with some leftover dried rinds. I think this holiday season's baking and gift giving is going to be so fun. I'm also looking forward to enjoying healthier eating and more flavorful eating. I already am missing fresh Basil.
I hope everyone has a wonderful week.