Monday, April 30, 2012

Last weekend of April and the thrift finds were fun.

My favorite find of the weekend were these vintage nursery curtains and valances. I was with my daughter and she quickly scanned the linens and found the valances. I on the other hand took my time browsing at an older folks pace and found the four curtains that went with them. She quickly said that I could have the valances to purchase with the curtains. I just love the cuteness of these curtains and can see them being upcycled.

I also found two Tommy Hilfiger 100% cotton sheets to upcycle. I love 100% cotton. Some yard goods, an owl planter which will be spray painted, a clear glass owl bank, a Joys of Jello cook book and what's not in the picture a package of vacuum cleaner bags. I don't think I've paid full price for vacuum bags in years. Why should cleaning cost full price? I can't wait to do some more work listing items on my store. I am getting close to my goal of 400 items and may be there this week. I just wish that the total showed on my store. I count the duplicate listings but Etsy does not. Visit and see how I'm doing. Have a great week everyone and I'll see you around my sites.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Favorite thrift finds this weekend.

My favorites of the weekend, but not the only finds are these two loving owls music box and an unusual cheese cutting board that folds like a cupboard. It was so unusual that I just had to pick it. It was in excellent condition for it's age and is made in Japan. I can't tell the song that the music box plays, but it works and was irresistible.

Other finds this weekend include some more fabric, vintage and modern. Two cut glass candy dishes, wooden trivets made in India, a pink and orange vintage cotton towel and a large bell shaped trivet that is silver. A good cleaning and it will make a wonderful addition to any holiday table setting. I had a great time hunting this weekend, but have been careful not to over spend. So far setting a budget has worked.
Other events of the weekend include more research for business growth and learning my way around more internet sites. It's fun and work at the same time. Feel free to visit my Etsy store at .  Have a great thrifting week everyone.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Reclaiming usable fabric.

I have spent a great deal of my life putting used or well loved items to use in my own life and am  changing the world one person (me) at a time to waste less. I can see the use in most anything, but have to hold my tongue when I see the mass production of useless stuff. This fabric was reclaimed this week from a worn out bed skirt. The flat part that sits on the box spring was totally gone, but this wonderful eyelet fabric was in excellent condition. Can you see this in a shabby chic makeover?

After cutting marketable pieces of reclaimed linens for my store ( I kept cutting the smaller pieces into four and a half inch squares. Quite a variety for sale to someone who quilts or for me to use making quilts for the Linus project.

And then there's the even smaller pieces to sell as a bundle of scrap. Best for Charm quilts it includes all the cuttings larger than one and a half inches to full fat quarters. Most of the fabrics are cotton and polyester, but there are many 100% cotton and with such a large variety the sky and some imagination is the limit. So that's what's been done with reclaimed linens this week and hopefully I can get more listed on my store and continue to keep stuff out of landfills.                                                               

Thursday, April 05, 2012

This weeks thrift shopping.

In my travels this week to different thrift stores my intent was to just drop off donations, but the temptation to look at new merchandise led me to a bounty of new fabric and resale items. I like to find different fabrics that I can combine with others for craft projects or quilting both for resale and charity projects I'm involved in. I never fail to find vintage pieces of fabric or reclaimed bed sheets and linens. It has become the fun in my life and gets me out other than just going to work. With warmer weather hitting the northeast early this year I have notice the number of people having yard sales increasing. I'm not quite ready for them, but give me a couple of weeks and I'll be there. The bounty will begin to appear on my etsy store,, so I hope you take the time to visit to see items up close and get descriptions.