Monday, April 16, 2012

Reclaiming usable fabric.

I have spent a great deal of my life putting used or well loved items to use in my own life and am  changing the world one person (me) at a time to waste less. I can see the use in most anything, but have to hold my tongue when I see the mass production of useless stuff. This fabric was reclaimed this week from a worn out bed skirt. The flat part that sits on the box spring was totally gone, but this wonderful eyelet fabric was in excellent condition. Can you see this in a shabby chic makeover?

After cutting marketable pieces of reclaimed linens for my store ( I kept cutting the smaller pieces into four and a half inch squares. Quite a variety for sale to someone who quilts or for me to use making quilts for the Linus project.

And then there's the even smaller pieces to sell as a bundle of scrap. Best for Charm quilts it includes all the cuttings larger than one and a half inches to full fat quarters. Most of the fabrics are cotton and polyester, but there are many 100% cotton and with such a large variety the sky and some imagination is the limit. So that's what's been done with reclaimed linens this week and hopefully I can get more listed on my store and continue to keep stuff out of landfills.                                                               

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Jenni said...

Such a good idea. I have stacks of pre-cut squares in my stash but I never thought of using old linens in that fashion. Makes sense.