Monday, April 30, 2012

Last weekend of April and the thrift finds were fun.

My favorite find of the weekend were these vintage nursery curtains and valances. I was with my daughter and she quickly scanned the linens and found the valances. I on the other hand took my time browsing at an older folks pace and found the four curtains that went with them. She quickly said that I could have the valances to purchase with the curtains. I just love the cuteness of these curtains and can see them being upcycled.

I also found two Tommy Hilfiger 100% cotton sheets to upcycle. I love 100% cotton. Some yard goods, an owl planter which will be spray painted, a clear glass owl bank, a Joys of Jello cook book and what's not in the picture a package of vacuum cleaner bags. I don't think I've paid full price for vacuum bags in years. Why should cleaning cost full price? I can't wait to do some more work listing items on my store. I am getting close to my goal of 400 items and may be there this week. I just wish that the total showed on my store. I count the duplicate listings but Etsy does not. Visit and see how I'm doing. Have a great week everyone and I'll see you around my sites.


Sew Inspired said...

This item sold on my store within two hours of listing it. Yay!

Jodie @ The Haby Goddess said...

What awesome finds! The fabric is just fantastic, I'm gathering that is what sold?

Sew Inspired said...

The rag doll fabric is curtains and they are on their way to Japan. I had a hard time parting with them, but that's life. I know they will be enjoyed.