Monday, June 17, 2013

My Daughters have given me a new start.

36 Square Feet to CREATE
My official address has changed and my eldest daughter is taking good care of me. This past weekend my younger daughter gave me the stacking shelf where my fabric is stored. My eldest daughter put together this 36 square foot  sewing center for me after convincing the landlord to take out a closet door. We found a corner desk for $10 at a flea market and I was in business.
We have utilized as much space as possible. The corner desk had shelves on either side and she hung a thread rack for me so that everything I need to start over is within reach. I have hung some art work from my best gal in CA and some other funky stuff to make it mine.
The corner desk worked out perfect for my serger and serger thread. I have a few more things to hang on the wall, but I am the most blessed woman in the world to have such wonderful children. It amazes me that I could have such a wonderful work space in just 36 square feet. I even have room for shelves on the wall if I need them. So as far as I'm concerned waking up this morning, June 17, 2013 is the start of a whole new life. I hope everyone has a great week.


Monday, June 10, 2013

Thrifty finds with friends.

Vintage linens found include fruit print cotton towels, a yellow towel for the vintage bathroom and floral pillowcase.
We found vintage orange fabric, doilies and dresser scarfs.
Some simply wonderful vintage sheets were found along with some Dansk Gourmet Design fish shaped hot plates or wall hangings. We found some vintage recipe cards from Current and four Pear shaped dishes that may have been part of something else, but would make a lovely afternoon desert dish. Find some of these items listed on This store has some of the nicest home made bags and fun bags too.
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Have a great week everyone.

Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Monday, June 03, 2013

The Path

Where is this path leading?

With summer just around the corner it was time to take the time to figure out where my path was headed. I spent some time at the lake shore enjoying the newness of life. Breathing the fresh cool air and trying to find some inkling of an answer as to where I am headed. Today's path took me to the shore of lake Ontario.
Checking out the beach and enjoying the blue view.
The path took me through the park where trees older than I led me to admit that they are wiser and more understanding of the world than I. Like soldiers they shelter us from the sun and clouds.
They shelter the paths and roads like covered bridges. A natural protection from the encroaching world. These trees much older than I have no plans, don't fight their destiny and don't even worry.
Today's path took me past natural art. A tree fallen and assumed gone, but still giving beauty to any one who takes the time to look.
It led me past wild bushes displaying their magnificent flowers. How could I not stop and take the time to see? After all this was where the path had led.
It took me past the meadows where the deer had just walked through. It helped me smell the newness and hear the nature that surrounded me. It was a short path to travel today but it gave me insight into what I need for me. I will not worry, fight my destiny and I will stand like a soldier and enjoy the path no matter where it takes me.