Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Juvenile Linens are just coming to me. Interesting.

I had absolutely no intentions of stopping at an estate sale, but I did. Found one item and one item only and couldn't resist. This vintage twin size set of Cabbage Patch Kids sheets were just too cute. Okay so it was after noon on the last day of the sale and it was on my way back from running errands and the universe directed me there. At least the one item that I found was a great find and of course since it was the last day and after the bewitching hour I got them for a lesser price. Thank you universe.

The elastic on the fitted sheet is showing it's age (1985) but otherwise they are in excellent condition. The set includes one flat sheet, one fitted sheet and one pillowcase. Still lots of room to be enjoyed or upcycled into something new. This set is all Cabbage Patch girls so I imagine they may have made sheet sets with just Cabbage Patch boys. I sure hope so. That's how my week is going and what I've found. I have many more items and will keep listing them on my Etsy store. See you there. Have a wonderful week everyone.

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Lisa said...

I love how the universe provides and steers us to certain things!