Monday, February 04, 2013

Small finds but a special one.

This is the special find. A 16x20 inch shadow box. Bought at a thrift price, new and still in the package. Why special? This shadow box will house a special baseball T-shirt and ball cap worn by my eldest grandson. He gave me his uniform because it was a Red Sox uniform. Not his favorite team, mine. He believes he will play for the Yankees, his favorite team. Can you imagine the conversations we've had? He was 12 at the time. No matter where he plays or if he never makes it, the gift was special. I will cherish it forever and will be hanging it where I can see it everyday.

These two vintage 1982 Thermo-Serv, Inc. plastic mugs could not be left behind. They are bright red and feature ladybugs. Too cute.

Then there was a great find of vintage kitchen towels. These two are Vera.
These are three brightly colored floral kitchen towels.
Then to top it off these two calorie reminding linen kitchen towels. They may have been small finds, but good ones. These items will be listed on my stores: and I am also listing some items on eBay auction. This allows me to make a few dollars a bit quicker to support my on line stores. I hope you stop by and visit.


Marium said...

Those towels are fabulous!

Sew Inspired said...

Thank you. I feel so lucky to find bright colorful items. These have been listed on my stores and the Vera towels have already sold.

Sir Thrift-A-Lot said...

Always love vintage tea towels, but love the thrill of finding them in the shops!

Glad you got a deal on the shadow box!

Geri O said...

love the colors in these vintage towels. i found you at coastal charm. i'm your newest follower from