Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Monday afternoon treasure. One of many.

Thank you to the universe for this well needed gift. Canning jars are seasonal in the north east and finding just what you need when you need them can be difficult. My eldest daughter took yesterday off from work to get some sleep after a long work related trip to Texas. She rested, completed her homework and decided she needed some fresh air. She took me to a light lunch and to Savers thrift store. It was a wonderful trip and I found so much. Everything in the store was 25% off because it their Monday discount. Yay! Over the weekend my younger daughter came to visit and she had taken me to a different Savers and I treated her to a light lunch. I have fantastic children. So this was a brand new case of 4 ounce Jelly Jars. I do different things with these small jars. What I needed them for were these:
She brought me back a gift of spices and sugars from The Spice and Tea Exchange in Fort Worth.
The end result is a better organized spice cupboard and uniform sized jars.
This jar has a cover on it from a grated cheese container. My daughter saw it on Pinterest and couldn't wait to run out of cheese to try it. Great for using a measuring spoon with. The top closes tight and has the sprinkle side if you just want to top something lightly. This is her home made Taco seasoning. So now it's on to wash the jars well and put my new spices away. I may use a couple to bake some brownies in. That way I don't eat the whole pan myself in one sitting. Have a great day everyone and stop by soon to see all the other treasures I've found on my two trips. Lots of Pyrex coming.

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Liz said...

Canning jars are hard to find period, unless you want to buy new. There are so many craft projects that use canning jars anymore. Even hard to come by at auctions. You were lucky!! Great find!