Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Craft Zone; and "sew we grow"

The Craft Zone is a comfortable in home studio available to anyone interested in learning or upgrading a textile craft. Our main purpose is to keep up with the renewal of sewing, knitting and crocheting as a life skill. Whether or not you want to learn as a beginner or just have a place to relax and renew your skills, the Craft Zone is the place to be.
At the Craft Zone you will find that our emphasis is on finding new life in old things. We are more apt to have older machines, retro fabric and old fashioned events to duplicate the earlier times when women would socialize while working on projects. Events such as quilting bees, sitting on the front porch knitting or just sipping lemonade, or crocheting and watching the children.
Everything old is new again. To sew a retro tote bag, crochet an afghan or use retro fabrics and clothes to build a quilt, you will find it easy today to find vintage items to include in new projects. We at the Craft Zone believe that not filling land fills will help our environment and leave mother earth with a cleaner place to raise future generations. One man's junk is another man's treasure? You bet it is. To keep things from entering land fills we have created swaps so that we can exchange materials and other items for someone else to use. Of course this is crafting supplies. We don't do garage sale items because of course there are places to take those reusable items. What we have remaining from our swaps is freecycled or donated to our favorite locations.
New to the Craft Zone this summer will be a space in the garage for those projects that include heavy glues and paints. Hopefully a large work space will be built for this task. All materials are available and within the next month we'll see some progress. I believe that I've even lined up the help needed to accomplish this task.

It has always been our passion at the Craft Zone to inspire creativity and fun. It is also our passion to have space available to those who don't have it, to work on fun projects. As stated before we recycle and reuse many items. Donations are welcome although the majority of supplies are purchased at second hand and thrift stores. Sometimes it overwhelms us at the items we find that people don't want any more. We do however stay within a budget, but if we have something you would like to work with you are more than welcome to use what we have available. Fees are kept at a minimum and we have discovered that the fees include fun and socializing which are priceless.
As you can see by some of my earlier blogs that we have students and clients of all ages. We look forward to spending time with everyone, so give us a call and we'll have fun being creative together.

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