Saturday, March 08, 2008

Spring Is Almost Here?

Well we would like to think so, but today has not been one of those hopeful days. It's been a great day however to work on the spring cleaning and organizing. It's been amazing to me how much comes my way. The Craft Zone has been busy and everything has been thrown into the store room and I had to get to the bags and boxes and get it straightened out. I invested in two new shelves and put all of the fabric that was all over neatly on them. I only have one tub left to put away and I need one more shelf to accomplish this. I cleaned the closet and put overflow supplies away in there. It's taken most of two days, but the inventory is at least where I can see it now and within reach for projects.

The research for advertising is moving along and keeps me busy when I don't have students or working my full time job. I hope to have some kind of advertising in place by July 1, 2008 which is the second anniversary of the Craft Zone. It seems like only yesterday that I was painting walls and unpacking boxes with supplies to put in place. Wow how I have grown. One day at a time and a positive attitude will do wonders for someone who wishes big dreams.

I am working on scheduling the second craft and sewing swap soon. The date will be posted soon and the fliers will be heading out in the mail. We're looking for a spring swap this year in hopes that many of you will do some cleaning. So I hope that you all can change that cabin fever mood into spring cleaning and start preparing for the next swap. Hope to see you all then and I sure hope this weather clears out soon.

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Joanne said...

Love the shelves! The fabric on them looks so organized and colorful, just waiting to be used up on fun projects.