Sunday, January 18, 2009

Latest Creation

Who says that waiting for the cable guy has to be boring. He was due to arrive between eight a.m. and noon. What is a person to do? Well I started working on a new bag. Just for me too. Unheard of to say the least, but I did it. I started early and kept going until the cable guy arrived. This was about eleven. By this time I was about one third of the way done. While this poor soul, (Keith by name), was out in the bitter cold wiring the house from the pole with his companion cable guy, I kept going and by the time they were ready to come in and hook up the TV it was after one and I had quite a bit more done. I had it pretty much sewn and pinned together by this time and was almost ready to finish the job. When Keith finished getting the cable in and I had signed off on the job there was time for a quick bite to eat and it was off to the sewing machine because by now I was hooked and wanted it finished. I worked along for about another hour when the phone rang and it was the cable company. They needed to inspect the mornings work and review with me a few questions, but this couldn't be done over the phone they needed to ask me personally and check the hook-up to the TV. Well my hands were sore anyway and I needed a break and fifteen minutes later I was going over my experience with the cable company for 45 minutes. It is now 3:50 in the afternoon and I'm torn between finishing the bag and preparing dinner because Lisa would be home in a little more than an hour. My choice was to finish the bag and I did. I prepared dinner later.

So now let me tell you about the latest creation. Jill will recognize this fabric right away. It is an upholstery fabric. Quite thick too that has been bonded with a knit on the back. I lined it with a coordinating gabardine and included three pockets inside. I added a tab with a hook to attach my keys and this way I won't be searching for them on the bottom of the bag. I made a smaller bag with a zipper for my medications and personal care items out of the same fabric to keep order in the bag. I used a magnetic fastener to keep the flap closed and added a butterfly pin for embellishment. This pattern is the one I have used in the past with the exception of the longer strap. As I am getting older the over the shoulder bag has bothered my arm and I was getting to the point where I would feel vulnerable and feared someone pulling my bag off of my shoulder. The messenger style has freed up my hands and taken the stress off of my body. Okay I admit I am getting older, but it was such a simple solution. This was a very difficult fabric to work with because of it's thickness and turning the handle was the hardest part. My hands ached for a day.

So next time you need to wait for the cable guy and need a project why not make a new bag for yourself. I had more fun organizing myself and figuring out what to put in and take out of my purse and now I can even keep my coupons with me. This makes it all worth while.


Sus said...

LOVE this bag! The design is cute and the fabric is lovely! You have cable now??? Oh my! Guess the converter box just wasn't cutting it, huh?

donna aka CancerGirl said...

Nice bag. I'm proud of your follow-thru. :) I gotta get me some of that.