Monday, December 17, 2012

Christmas ornaments from scrap fabric.

For those of you who follow my blog you know how addicted to fabric I am. I just love it and yes I sell it and yes I sew with it, but there's always those scraps. These are made from reclaimed trim and a yoyo and bead in the center. All of these are about four inches in diameter and required fabric no longer than 18 inch strips or eight inch squares or circles.

Yoyo's are easy to make and these became ornament bells with a jingle bell to finish them off. A star can go on the top to make it a small tree also, but I like the bell.

Inspired by Kumiko Sudo (Flower Origami) who is a fabric origami artist,  I folded these pieces of fabric to make these ornaments and added the bead to class them up a bit.

Also origami folded fabric, just a little more folding. These are my favorites and the red and white one's looked the best on a green tree.

These are also folded fabric but a log cabin pattern. I found the direction in a booklet I bought in Lancaster PA. I have been fascinated by folding fabric for several years now.

I added some folded origami to my Christmas stockings and made them look better than just plain white and green. This is how I use my scrap fabric and I hope to be semi retired to do more of the things I like some day. Scrap fabric is always for sale on my stores. and I hope everyone has a great week and a wonderful holiday.


Anonymous said...

Cute fabric ornaments!!!

Pinkdotties said...

i love the first ones, they are beautiful!

DUSTY said...

Hi ! I just found your blog and love your folded fabric ornaments. Do you know where I can find instructions to make these ? They are lovely and like you I have lots of scraps ! Thanks !

Sew Inspired said...

Hi Dusty,
Here's the link to the tutorial. You can find more tutorials on

ladyjan8 said...

Just beautiful ! Thanks for sharing !