Monday, August 12, 2013

Thrifting, sewing and spending time with family

"The most important things in life are not things." I have loved this statement ever since I heard it quite a few years ago. Last week I got to spend some special time with two of the most wonderful boys in the world. The two boys are my grandsons and we cherished the time we had together. They will be back in school soon, playing football and studying and the time we have together will be less. I am grateful for Facebook so that we can stay in touch.

We did some thrift shopping and flea markets together with my daughter (Auntie) and they found everything from sports shorts and sweat shirts to video games, board games, and books. We ate out, walked parks, saw movies and played video games. I didn't take pictures of the clothes and things they found, but they are getting to be great thrift shoppers. It's fun to just let them go and grow.

The boy's mom (my younger daughter) referred us to a recycle shop in town an we took the time to go look. I found some things I could use.

First I found a barrel full of bubble wrap. The shop charges by the bag so I proceeded to fill this $3.00 bag. All you can fill in the bag for yes, $3.00. They have different size bags, but I emptied the barrel and kept looking around. It was all hit and miss, but it was worth it.

I also found a bundle of plastic bags that I can use to package my fabric once it's been listed on the stores. They also fit in the $3 bag.

I found a bag with all of these hooks in it and it also fit in the bag. I really didn't have use for them, but I knew I could list them on my store.  These also fit in the $3 bag. It doesn't look like a lot, but at the cost of bubble wrap and plastic bags to me it was the ultimate find. The hooks are already listed for $3 so hopefully I will recover the money spent to go back in a couple of weeks. 

My daughter found thrift items for our apartment and they are very colorful.

She found two yellow hand towels and two orange wash clothes for our totally orange and yellow vintage thrifty bathroom. The bathroom doesn't have a window, so we needed to make it bright. I know we succeeded. She found two lime green Pyrex bowls to add to her aqua and green kitchen and a yellow Pyrex dish to brighten things up. Her colors are aqua, green, orange and yellow. So far from my primary colors. She found many other items too and we will be working on taking pictures and listing them on her store,

Last but not least for today's blog is the finished product from the cutting table. Cowgirl pot holders. Couldn't believe that I got the pattern to work, but here they are and they are already listed on the store. I love spending time sewing. I think that's where I belong. 
Until next post I hope everyone has a wonderful week.

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