Monday, April 14, 2014

This weeks thrift picks.

Yes I said picks. It seems that as I'm growing with the reselling I'm getting picky about what I'm buying. The items are out there, but I have to consider how long I want them to sit on a shelf with storage room getting to be less and less. I'm trying to buy items that may move faster and at the same time I have a personal list of items I would like for myself. So here are the picks for this week.

To start there was an awesome aqua and lime green floral sheet. It is new and in great condition. I will never pass pant hangers. They not only work well for clothing, but add a unique way to hang art. The bright yellow red and orange Vera scarf is in good condition, but needs a good soak and finally a wonderful plant hanger that allows you to hang three items from one spot. I don't think it would hold anything too heavy, but my imagination is running wild right now.

I found a lovely piece of sheer fabric that I will use for a light summer shirt or dress cover. I haven't decided yet. There were three enamel plates that are vintage made in Japan and three very cute glass dishes that I can't tell you what they are used for, but wouldn't they make great tea bag holders.
For my personal use I found two mini muffin tins. I wanted these to make holiday candies and small baked goods for gift giving. These are small, but they fit in my toaster oven and make it easier for me to use. I found two blue and green vintage coffee mugs and some vintage made in Japan porcelain items. One is a ring holder and the other is a small oval box with legs. I think I'm going to keep those also. 
For the rest of the week I spent time just working the stores and sewing. I had work for others and sewing for myself. (Fun time)  Thank you for stopping by and have a wonderful week.


Candy S said...

I really like the enamel plates. I could find a lot of uses for them in my Spring decor.

Diana Petrillo said...

Hi! I'm visiting from We Call It Junkin' :) You've got some great finds here. That Vera scarf is pretty awesome and you'll find those muffin tins pretty handy. I use mine all the time!

Denise @ secondtimearoundfinds said...

Some nice finds.
Those Japanese mugs are great.

LV said...

You made some great choices in your finds.

Dawn WeCallItJunkin said...

I love the colors in those little mugs! Thank you for sharing this at History and Home this week. Take care - Dawn @ We Call It