Wednesday, December 02, 2015

Thrift Finds

Well it's getting closer. After the first of the year my daughter will begin her search for a home and stability. We have gone to thrift stores and come home with very little if anything. We have begun packing and labelling boxes and realizing that the last five years of paying off debt and saving will have us in a home in nine months or less. With the Christmas holiday approaching we have decided to decorate very little. We are choosing instead to attend tree lightings and small holiday events. It's sort of if we feel like it we will, if not then we'll relax and craft. The next couple of Sundays at the farmers market the vendors are selling trees, wreaths, vintage Christmas items, specialty foods and there are even horse and carriage rides. It's free to walk around and get into the spirit. The only purchase I made were these vintage bottles. I got them for $1 each. After a few days of soaking and scrubbing I got them clean and am thrilled with the find. 

There is a snowman with a cork stopper, a Gingerbread man, and a Penguin. They were too cute to leave behind. This is my plan for them.

I will add them to my holiday counter Christmas morning with my coffee and hot chocolate. This snowman will hold my French vanilla creamer.

The Gingerbread man will hold...yes gingerbread creamer or ginger syrup.

The Penguin will hold either butter pecan creamer or peppermint syrup. Earlier this year I found a Honey Bee shaped jar that I'll put honey in. This will be our holiday treat to start our day and make it special while keeping it simple. Thank you for stopping by to visit and have a wonderful week. Happy thrifting. 

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