Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Town House Homestead Tuesday

The distance we have traveled.

To say that it's been the longest four months ever is an understatement. To say also that our new home has consumed us is also an understatement, but when I look at the picture diary it's hard to believe it's been so little time. The work is far from done, but well underway to becoming a working suburban homestead. We have cut down trees, mowed overgrown grass, raked years old leaves, repaired structures, tilled and planted, grown vegetables and herbs, and enjoyed friends and family for barbecues and relaxation. 

Front gardens covered with moving boxes, timbers and rocks to kill tall grass and weeds after years of neglect.

Finally uncovered and the result was enough killed off to make it easier to till. The day of tilling was also the day the gazebo got it's new roof. The cedar shingles proved to be a great place for ants.

At the end of the day the roof was done and the gardens were raked. We were so tired, but it will all be beautiful next Spring.

The plants have been in for a while and they are establishing themselves as they should. We will move a few around next year as they grow and spread, but it's a pleasure to see the hard work paying off.

My container gardening continues to produce vegetables and herbs. This week I have green bell peppers, tomatoes, and that wonderful mint. I have most of the vegetables in the breezeway growing, and set them out in the morning and bring them in at night because...

as you can see we have a very hungry Doe wandering the neighborhood. I finally caught her in a few pictures. This was to prove to my neighbors that I wasn't crazy and was actually seeing her. She was sharing bird seed with the ducks until I opened the door and she went on her way. 

I got back to some canning making it really feel like home. Here are 18 quarts of vegetable broth for winter soup. 

I got around to playing with my sewing machine again. I reclaimed a very well loved  vintage quilt, too far gone to repair, and cut out a dozen primitive cats. I couldn't see it not getting a new life and I am making quilt blocks from an up cycled bed skirt that is 100% cotton. 

We got out to do a little thrift shopping. We found this vintage glass cookie jar filled with vintage made in Japan Santa's along with some other Christmas ornaments and had fun taking them out one at a time. We have cleaned and sorted what we wanted and have packed it away for the holidays. There's more thrift finds to be shared, but I have next week. Our goal now is to get ready for winter and make sure as much of the yard is taken care of as possible and the deconstruction of the basement continues so we can move stuff from the garage. I am starting my seed research and garden plan for next year and just looking at how far we have traveled in this new journey/new home/homestead dream. Thank you for stopping by and I hope you have a safe and wonderful week.

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