Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Town House Homestead Tuesday

Yes, I have it bad.  Mother Nature seems to want to be mean, although I have to remember it is only March, and the northeast is not a place for early outdoor planting. It's been a time for planning and preparation. I think winter gardening outside would be rough for me. So it's not in the plan for now.

We were snow bound for two full days, and there really wasn't much else we could do besides plan for spring, and dream about gardens and bees. Thank you winter storm Stella. Some drifts were four feet deep. I know because the vent to the gas furnace was blocked and I had to shovel my way (45 foot path) to the side of the house to dig it out so we would have heat. 

Finally at dusk on the second day of Stella, the sun made a momentary break through the clouds before setting. The plowing and the clean up took another day, and the snow is still on the ground, but not as deep. It's spring according to the calendar, but winter will take it's time as usual leaving the northeast. I'll be ready when it does.

Most of my seedlings are doing well. Some require more heat than the basement is providing, but when the breezeway is warmer I'll move them to full sun. I have twenty tomato seedlings that have come up. Five different varieties of them. I also have onions doing well. The rest are flowers for the bees. 

This is our neighborhood hawk. Last year she had two offspring. It was wonderful watching the fledglings learn the skills they needed to survive, but at the same time, if I wanted chickens in the future, they are one more threat to their survival. The same morning I photographed this hawk, the deer were walking through the yard looking for food. Hard to believe we are located 3/4 of a mile behind a very busy mall and long business strip. We have seen it all, and noted everything, so we can try and protect any gardens and the bees. This will be a challenge for sure.

Plants are taking over the inside of the house. I have found that any space will do. This is the kitchen table today. Yesterday it had more plants on it, but I potted them and gave them new homes.

I have them hanging off shelves too. Some are mending and trying to survive because they are delicate and are special needs plants.

They are on the kitchen counter and the window sills too. Any flat surface has become fair game for my plants.

This is the end table next to the sofa. The miniature daffodils will eventually go to the new garden outside, but they have given us a splash of spring, and made being inside pleasant.

The best location for my plants is this beautiful south facing picture window in the living room. If you give me a table and a bright window I will fill it with love and life. It's kept me going through the harder winter days. I can't wait to see the outdoor gardens come to life. I worked hard on them last year, after all the tilling and prepping. I know it will be a couple of years before they are well established, but a little progress and color will be better than all the overgrowth. That's what's been happening at the Town House Homestead. Thank you for stopping by and have a wonderful week. 

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