Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Damn It Doll

At the last play day the discussion of stress dolls came up, and we had all had some type at our disposal at one time or another in our lives. I remembered that I did have something in the form of a pattern for one, but of course with all the stuff in the Craft Zone where could it be? Well the organized person that I am, had put it with my patterns. If this isn't original I don't know what is and it only took half an hour of searching everywhere but with the patterns to figure this out. Was this a senior moment or what? We took the pattern that we had and altered it to come up with the above doll and I gave it to Jill because she seemed to be most interested in it. She said that her mother had just made herself a new one and found the information on line. Well the doll has gone with Jill to Arizona and from what I hear is a big hit. Pardon the pun. We sure hope it's getting her through the rough moments that she is dealing with and it doesn't get too worn out with use.

The following is the poem that goes with this doll:

When you think you want to climb the walls
Or jump right up and shout
Here's a little "Damn it Doll"
You cannot live without
Just grasp it firmly by the legs
And find a place to slam it
Then as you whack it's stuffing out
Yell "Damn it, Damn it, Damn it"


donna aka CancerGirl said...

How cute the doll is. Are you sure you should be saying bad words around her/him?????? ;)

Sus said...

I LOVE this doll! I need one!!! How much?