Saturday, April 04, 2009

Staying Busy?

With all the warm weather that we've had up until today it's been hard to want to stay busy. It's been a challenge to be disciplined, but I keep going. As a result I have been using some of my creative spirit to refashion items into something new. My mind keeps thinking of things to do with all the stuff that I have around, but to put them in a separate pile would probably fill a room. I do a few and stack a few and it's working out that I am at least completing some tasks and at the same time having fun doing it. I guess in the long run it's fun we should be having isn't it? What's the sense in doing something if we're not having fun? At the same time there's so much stuff in the world that we can't throw it all away can we?

So here are three of the latest projects that my mind and hands created. I hope you can have fun too doing something creative with something that you already have and you can see more creations at See you there!

Keep in touch and happy spring to everyone.

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