Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Send a message and receive the gift.

This is not my find. My eldest daughter and I enjoy thrifting together and have found many wonderful items for our home and to resell. She has this gift that she will deny, but it is a gift, of sending a message to the universe that she would like an item and within a short time it comes into her life. Thus the Lava lamp. Although this is not a rare item the fact that it is aqua blue and green is amazing to me because these are her favorite colors. She has a golden touch which some of her friends will agree with me on. She has a good eye for nifty items and she is so much fun to treasure hunt with. You can find many of her finds on her etsy store, and she helps me find items for my etsy store, Thanks for visiting our stores and blogs and have a wonderful day. I can't wait to see what all of my blogging friends find this week.


Lisa said...

Look at that bad boy go!! LOL!

Homa Style said...

I'm from the lava lamp era. Love it! Blue and green are my fav colors too.