Monday, August 13, 2012

Thrift store finds this week.

Group Photo

Had a good time thrifting this week. Really needed to get out and do something. I found some interesting aminal items, a vintage popcorn bowl with individual bowls for serving, a black and gold mid century fruit bowl, some curtains and linens to reclaim the fabric from. My favorite is the Hippo bank. I'm becoming quite fond of the neon colors.

Cute bunnies.

Salt and pepper puppies.

Mid Century black and gold bowl.

Just a small sampling of items found to use as inventory on my etsy store. I'm slowly getting things listed so that I can work on fabric. That's where my love is and I have a large stack to work on. Maybe someday I can do this full time, but for right now I'll settle for the time I have and consider myself blessed. Have a wonderful day.

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Bijou Sugar-Socks said...

hahaha that hippo is so cute!