Saturday, August 04, 2012

One estate sale this week.

I was not going to go to this estate sale, but it was on my way home from work and the very end of the sale. As I thought, most of the items I had seen in the preview were gone, but to my surprise most of the closets and bedrooms still had plenty to rummage through. Reclaimed linens and fabric are my favorite items and are always fun to me. This picture shows some vintage curtains. Some of a wood panel and kitchen pattern and others with a vintage Dutch ribbon that I will up cycle into something new. There was a linen towel with a country store theme and square linen napkins that I will also up cycle. I moved on to another room and to my amazement had a closet that seemed untouched but once past the old terry towels I found more linens to reclaim.

I found three sheets in excellent condition and to my surprise two vintage pink and white Swiss dot bed spreads with those lovely large ruffles. One is more loved than the other but if not usable as is will be great to reclaim the fabric. The best part of the short visit was that they were so happy not to have to pack all the leftover stuff up that I got great prices. It encouraged me to keep up the hunt and go on your instinct. You just never know. I hope soon to be able to go through these items more thoroughly and list them on my etsy store. Have a wonderful weekend everyone and keep on going.


Bijou Sugar-Socks said...

theres that lovely blue thingy peeking in between ur beautiful pink sheets thats caught my eye ;) lovely finds!

Sew Inspired said...

This is also a vintage sheet. I couldn't believe the vibrant colors in it. I have to check the label in it. I believe it may be 100% cotton. I'll decide later what I am going to do with it. It is so pretty.

Diann said...

Great vintage finds. I love finding vintage linens, one of my obsessions! Thank you for sharing at TTF and have a terrific day!