Monday, September 02, 2013

Simple labors this Labor Day.

Spending a quiet day today. My daughter has her first Labor Day off in seven years. We started with a late morning breakfast.

It included potatoes on the waffle iron. She saw this on Pinterest and just had to try it. We had a few chopped potatoes in the freezer from another cooking project so away she went. We had just enough for one waffle and it worked out to be enough for two. We splurged and had bacon, but I want to state that we did not have bacon on National Bacon Day Saturday. Add some scrambled eggs and fresh hot coffee and we were off to a good Labor Day start.

She has said over and over to me for the past year that we needed to add some green color to the bland brown apartment cupboards, so today I humored her. We took a ride down the street to raid a friends garden for herbs. Thanks to Command Hooks I have sweet basil and lemon basil drying on the bland doors. 

I have two pints of Rosemary infused oil brewing. In a few days it will be ready to strain and put in my fancier oil jars for use through the winter.

Of course not all of the basil is going to be dried. I made some basil garlic compound butter. We will be putting this on some corn on the cob and I will use some on roasted potatoes, but most of it will go in the freezer to use over time. I can't tell you how wonderful our little apartment smells. Days like today let you know that Family and the simple things are the most important. I am grateful to Carter's bountiful gift. Thank you.


Catherine Fuller said...

What a simple idea hanging hooks in the kitchen. I have a basil bush that I will be trimming back today and I think I will use your idea. TY for posting. The cream cheese looks so yummy too.

Sew Inspired said...

Living in an apartment where making holes is not allowed we have discovered Command Hooks do a wonderful job for us. I sent my granddaughter off to college with a good assortment for her dorm room. That's butter with garlic and basil. I found this a great way to preserve some of my basil. I freeze it in 2Tbs. portions for cooking. Very convenient.