Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Dehydrating to keep from wasting.

First up: Apples

This is my 30 something year old dehydrator that just keeps on going. I hope I get a lot more use out of it. With apples being plentiful and reasonably priced I have been dehydrating them so that I don't waste them. As much as I love apple pie I just couldn't justify making a pie and not eat it. When I do I will make a 4 inch pie and know it will get eaten. Veteran's Day this year was spent with my Grandson's and I discovered that they like apples. They finished what I had left in the refrigerator and would have consumed all of the dehydrated one's too if I hadn't had other snacks for them. I'm so glad they love nutritious food. The thing about dehydrating is that you start out with a lot and end up with a small jar full. 

Today however it is time to do the potatoes. Some how I thought that I needed more potatoes than I could eat, but the price was right. I've cooked and cooked potatoes and filled the boys up with potatoes and now it is time to dehydrate some. After all of this I think I still have 15# left. I may end up doing more later in the week so that I don't lose them. Storage in a small apartment is tight, but I can vacuum seal dehydrated potatoes in jars and tuck them some where until I need to use them. 

I'll have to head over to Pinterest to seek a couple of simple recipes. I never in my life would have thought that I would still be using this dehydrator for anything other than the jerky I make for gifts, but when you don't have that big family around any more, and it costs less to buy the larger amounts I guess it's the thing to do. I'm building a reputation as the homesteader in the townhouse.

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Van said...

I love dehydrating the harvest. Haven't tried apples yet, bet it's delicious :)