Tuesday, June 03, 2014

Townhouse Homestead Tuesday

With Memorial day over it was time to think about putting some plants outside, but I've been watching a few that were in the ground doing their thing while I was waiting. These include lavender, garlic and chives. I am not allowed to plant vegetables, but that's okay too. A ways down the road lives a friend who is sharing in exchange for making sure her garden is watered while she's away. We also have some great farm markets. So far all is good and today it is raining. I think so far I'm okay with the townhouse rules because they've seen my garden and have not said anything. Of course my garden is mostly in pots which they say are acceptable. 

Here's how it looks so far. Under the deck I replanted a Hosta I split it into three plants last fall. It was not doing well because it was overwhelmed by a shrub. My grandson crawled under the deck and followed my instructions on planting them and he did so well. It is now three and just one is the size of the original plant I divided. In the hanging baskets I have sage, basil and rosemary. In the ground I have two lavender plants on the left, garlic and in the corner is a rosebush that was so neglected by the former tenant that it was in need of love. I cut it back and it is thriving and within a week or two will have beautiful pink roses. I have a chive plant in my front garden that I will be moving this week to the back. It is getting smothered by an older lavender plant.

In the long pot on the deck I have planted dill and parsley. I have already used the dill on broiled Salmon and had some parsley leaves that need drying to make flakes for my recipes. I noticed yesterday new shoots coming up on the dill and my sweet potatoes are growing well so maybe we'll have a few in the fall.

I purchased peppermint and put it in a large pot. I have peppermint tea regularly and thought it would be great to have some to use at will. I am rooting ginger. I hope it does something, but if it doesn't I will keep trying.

Instead of flowers this year I hung a pot of spearmint. I've already used it for spearmint sun tea and am planning some mint jelly soon.

The front garden needs cleaning and some plants can go to the back. That bush is always taking over my plants, but it is property of the townhouse so I can't take it out. The squirrels are eating my Iris and just this week I've noticed a snake. I suppose that means it's a garden. I made the bird house from a kit I found at a thrift store and fastened it to an old pitch fork.

Two weeks ago I made these pickled peppered eggs and they are awesome. I thought they'd be hotter than they are, but there is just enough heat to give them a bite, but not enough to burn the tongue. Try them you may like them. Here's the recipe I found on Pinterest. http://pharmacist.hubpages.com/hub/spicypickledeggs
So that's how my garden is growing. I hope to harvest plenty to use in my fall canning and so far it looks like I will. I sure would love a larger spot to garden, and I have had it in the past, but for now this is how we're doing it in the townhouse. Thanks for stopping by and I hope everyone is enjoying a wonderful week.

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Dawna Motz said...

I love the red birdhouse on what looks like a shovel or spade....so cute!