Thursday, April 02, 2015

Thursday's Threads

Another of the things we are enjoying is our textile crafts. Up cycling, reducing, reusing and just using what we have at home without buying more. To start my daughter cut down a large bundle of tee shirts into long strips to crochet with. This is what she's produced so far with a skein of yarn and the strips.

A bowling ball size ball of tee shirt yarn with a skein of gray yarn and she's underway with a home made up cycled rug.

This package of mill ends from Joann fabric looked interesting and was a gift. Those funky skeins of yarn produced that crazy pair of socks, but they are for me to wear in my boots so it's not a big deal. Any way mismatched socks are all the rage today. It had four balls of yarn in the bag and I still have three plus left. I think that's enough to knit three more pairs of socks. I think my feet are going to be ready for next winters north east cold.

I finally completed my mittens and managed to make a pair of leg warmers to go with my hat and Dickie style scarf. It's been getting colder each winter, but I think that I am now prepared for it. My promise to learn how to knit socks is a success and I think the progress has been good. Knitting  is one of those things that's relaxing to me and I intend to keep going. Plenty of yarn to do more projects.

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