Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Thrift finds.

Well what can I say? We found a few different items this week. Some at a church sale, some at garage sales, and some at thrift stores. Some for us, some for friends and some for the store. My daughter was approved through our city for a program for first time home buyers along with her employer so after the first of the year we will be beginning our search for a new home. It's been several years of building and growing to get to this point, but well worth it. We are hunting items we know we will use in the new home and although we are being selective we are purchasing and packing for the future.

Some of these items might seem strange for purchases, but when the prices are .10, .15, .25, .50 cents and $1 you take advantage. The two new Sterno were .50 cents, retail price $5.99. I will use these to cook outside and not heat the kitchen. Flower pots always picked up for container gardening and herbs. The popcorn bowls were .50 cents each and will be added to three already listed on her store. There were several vintage Santa's at .10 cents each and the measuring cup is 4 cups and cost .75 cents. There is a vintage toothpick holder behind Santa and the flower on the top twist to take one out. It was .50 cents. Like I said different items.

The vintage Pyrex we found for a friend, the church sale yielded three Doctor Who paperbacks, some vintage holiday stickers and a vintage Japanese turkey. The turkey was in the bottom of a box at the church rummage sale and was .25 cents. It's all packed with holiday decorations.

We found several more books and some electronic charging devices for $1 and new ear buds along with a suction cup handle that is being used in the sewing room on my plastic cutting ruler. 

Another book, cross stitch Care Bear Christmas patterns, a flower pot already washed and bleached to kill any disease from use and replanted with my basil cuttings. There are eight vintage napkins in the bundle and these will go on my daughter's store. 

These pictures are not blurry. They are five sheets of iron ons and there is a cat, dog, flowers, fruit and a barn scene. They were just too cute to leave behind and are vintage calico print style iron ons. That's what the hunt got this week and it's been fun. Like one woman at a yard sale said, "we stopped hunting and gathering food so now we gather stuff." I believe this is a great statement about life today. Thanks for stopping by and happy hunting. 


Heidi Ann said...

It's so fun to see what you find. My faves are the napkins, the Christmas things, the Pyrex bowl and the Frank Lloyd Wright book ; I got the same one at a rummage sale!

Sew Inspired said...

We have so much fun just hunting for things and in our neck of the woods we don't even touch the tip of the iceberg when it comes to sales. There are so many all year round and it's great.