Wednesday, January 06, 2016

Thrift finds

After Christmas Thrift Shopping.

Okay, so we're not supposed to be buying anything that will eventually have to be moved in a few months, but once bitten by the bug it's hard to stop. We had to catch up with family members who also love the thrill of the hunt, so we took a day between the holidays to head out. We have gone out again since this trip to thrift shop, so I guess the bug is permanent.

We enjoyed going through the marked down Christmas shelves loaded with filled bags. Here are some metal, miniature cookie cutters, candles, two boxes of canning jar lids and a tiny Japanese candle holding figurine.

We found a gingerbread house themed holiday cookie jar, some Holley print glasses, a vintage tablecloth that is new and the darling cardboard Japanese Angel that is my daughter's favorite color. She will most likely put on the top of her next Christmas tree. 

We found holiday linens, napkins, sheets, NIP pillow forms, elastic and slippers too. The gingerbread boy is a bowl.

There were vintage sheets, more ornaments to add to her collection and this fun and bright vintage plastic tray made in Japan.

There were boxes of vintage sewing patterns to rummage through too. We got a few so we can use up some fabric in our stashes, but we were selective and left so many more behind. Okay so we shouldn't be shopping, but the bug was biting hard and we still feel the hunting urge. Thank you for stopping by for a visit and have a wonderful new year hunting. 

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