Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Thrift finds.

Here we go again buying what we really don't need, but oh such great finds. Some more after Christmas shopping lead us to these finds.

This collection is full of vintage Santa's. There's the planter, a set of Hallmark salt and pepper shakers, a vintage elf, a Santa ornament picture frame, some candle sticks and a holly leaf bowl. 

This is a vintage Mikasa serving plate. It's named Susan. My daughter likes to decorate her walls with Mikasa plates.

This group include a small book, a pink Pyrex loaf pan, a stacking doll, a pair of fawn salt and pepper shakers and a straw hot pad. 

We found a salad bowl set and weaving looms 

The best thrifting ever came when we found a junk spot that had a "FILL A BOX, ANY BOX", for $5.

Both of my daughters enjoyed filling a good sized box. To begin with there were canning jars, wax and lids. I was happy.

They found books, vintage post cards, a spice shelf, a large cocktail mixer, a vintage velvet rabbit, a darning egg and some Beaba brand baby food storage containers.

They found NIP green planters, vintage linens, a small Russian wooden box, a French espresso cup and more straw hot pads.

They also found a vintage kitchen prayer plate and plastic rose wall hangings. This was only half of what was in the box, but all that came home with my eldest daughter. My younger daughter found more items, but I didn't get pictures. Some items will be and are listed for sale on line, while others will be kept for future use. Thank you for stopping by to visit and may your thrift hunting be as much fun.

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