Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Town House Homestead Tuesday

I think this week I'll show you some of my flowers that came up in the garden. We were gifted Cana Lilies and they are awkward, but okay for this year. We also received several Dahlia's and they are just starting to blossom making the garden look pretty before it all settles back for winter. 

To the left of the Cana Lilies are white Mums, in the pot is peppermint, and in the front of the photo is Spider Wort. All plants and bulbs were gifted and or saved from the trash. The white mums were table decorations for a college graduation brunch, used for a couple hours and heading for garbage bags. They, along with everything else, filled out nicely and we will move and adjust things next Spring.

I baked as usual. This is a loaf of lemon blueberry muffin bread. It was so delicious. I'm going to try other blueberry recipes too. I'm in the mood to try everything at least once.

I was given some Salsa this week. I didn't make this and I already had an open jar in the refrigerator, so I canned it. These are eight ounce jars ready for the pantry.

I started some new quilt blocks. I needed to use up some scraps of the quilt I'm making for either toss pillows or pillow cases. I have a new respect for the number 13. This is the Cathedral window block. Each block is 4.5 inches square with 1/4 inch seam allowances. It took 13, 2.5 inch squares to make each block. I tried it two different ways to see what I like and I still can't make up my mind so I may use both and alternate them. 

Progress on the basement walls continued. My daughter chose an aqua shade for the opposite end walls and it gave it a quick and wonderful fresh look. The opposing walls will remain white, but will receive a coat of good white paint over the primer.

It will still be the basement, but it is getting so much better. She has chosen a light dove gray for the floors. This past Sunday two of her former students came to help and they were able to start another quarter of the basement with a white base coat. All was going fine until...we ran into a major problem. Work abruptly came to a disappointing halt, but for the safety of all it was quite necessary. I will continue this story next week, because it is still continuing and is already two days strong and could take a couple more days. That's what's happened this past week at the New Town House Homestead and there's more for next. Thank you for stopping by and have a wonderful week. 

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