Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Town House Homestead Tuesday

WOW! Another week behind us and we are so exhausted. When we moved here we chose not to have a television. We can do most of what we like with computers, but without the television we have found that we do more work. We feel like time is running out to get the things done around here that need to be done before winter. The house and property have come a long way in six months, but so much was not taken care of and here we are trying to do, what for almost two decades, wasn't done. Hopefully next week the furnace and hot water heater will be replaced. It's holding up some of the basement renovations, but my daughter has been building her studio. Still work and touch up painting to do. 

We've come this far while we wait for other work to be done. With help a few of the tables and chairs and boxes have been brought down, but they are waiting in another portion of the basement for a week or two. I think it's going to look awesome.

Vegetables keep coming our way. My younger daughter brought the eggplant, half a zucchini and all those hot peppers my way. The other pepper donation was left on our front step Sunday night with an empty canning jar. Thank you Emily for thinking of us and not letting them rot on the vine. I will be making chocolate zucchini muffins and dehydrating most of the peppers for hot pepper powder. I can store it vacuum sealed until I want to cook with it. 

I made eggplant Parmesan in the form of a pie for dinner with the eggplants which was more than enough for us to eat for a few meals. It is so yummy. 

I spent several days this past week taking out plants that needed to be housed over the winter and got them all tucked in. All the time I was doing it I was dreaming of the compost bin that will be built for sure next spring. I pulled all the container plants and turned the garden soil to loosen it and this morning, bright and early, I planted 36 cloves of garlic. Not a lot, but more than enough to start us off, and with hope some to plant next fall. I am still dreaming of the garden in the back yard, but for now, these are in a couple of corners of the front flower beds. Better there than no where. That's what's been happening at the new Town House Homestead this week. Thank you for stopping by and have a wonderful week. 

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