Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Town House Homestead Tuesday

Saturdays, yes Saturdays. Usually they are the beginning of the most active part of our week, but this past Saturday it was officially "cuddle up day". I was up early as usual and cuddled in my big comfy chair enjoying some coffee and reading until about nine. For me this is hours past my work starting time, but it felt wonderful. A bit later we headed out because we needed milk. Just milk is all we needed, but I decided I needed potatoes, onions and potato chips. Once again just milk, short quick trip and home to the warmth and more cuddling. Well, we got side tracked. Of course we did, who doesn't? We needed hot chocolate to cuddle with and how about a chocolate chip muffin to go with that hot chocolate. So far we hadn't wandered more than half a mile from home. On the way to the hot chocolate, since we had our hats and coats on any way we thought...why not go to the local farm store? This is still only a quarter of a mile away from home. So we took a left turn out of the drive through and headed to the farm store. Remember now all we needed was milk. We sipped some of the hot chocolate before going in and we took a left as we entered. Sure enough the bee keeping merchandise was to the left. Still needing a few small items to prepare for the coming of the bees in April, we went and looked. Yes, look we did, and this is what we found.

A floor model close out that was marked down so far that it could not be left behind. We don't have bees yet, and we only needed milk, but this gem came home with us. The universe was speaking and providing us with a honey extractor of excellent quality before we have bees. I know there may be some honey if all goes well this summer, but in the mean-time if some one we know needs help we can provide. It's been one of those questions that floats around the bee community. "Do you know any one with honey extracting equipment?" Well now there's an answer. 

I stepped outside this morning to check on my garlic. It is popping up through the snow and I immediately got garden fever. It's staying lighter a few minutes longer every day now and that desire to garden is setting in. Of course the excitement of seeing all the plants we put in last year come up fuller and more beautiful, now that they've had time in the ground, is even more exciting. Also knowing that more gardens will be going in within a few months is a great feeling. 

With all the work and growth with the basement renovations getting close to a state of completion, I want to share one of the reasons we needed a single level living space. Although we looked at all kinds of homes for sale we could not find many that had a bedroom and second full bath on the first floor, that would have room for us to work. I have a very bad hip, but not so bad that I'm an invalid yet, but some times it's in so much pain that it's hard for me to move. So we have the ranch home and the third bedroom has been made into my sewing room. I can stay on the main living level and have access to all that I need without the stress of climbing stairs. I am settling in as you can see. My daughter has made it a comfort zone for me and I am so grateful. So that's what's been going on this week at the Town House Homestead. Thank you for stopping by and have a wonderful week. 

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Rhonda said...

Your sewing room is lovely! Good thing you went to farm store!