Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Town House Homestead Tuesday

So, two weeks later this little guy has become king of the homestead. Well, he thinks so any way. He has the run of a quarter acre and if I have to say so, I think they make them cute so we keep them. He has punctured my skin, chewed on my pant legs, stolen my boots, and I cannot get any sweeping or dust mopping done unless he's in the crate. I am exhausted, but for the last few nights he has been sleeping for at least eight hours. Not bad for ten weeks. I think he has doubled in size in two weeks and has a wonderful appetite. The vet says he's very healthy. Hunter is a thinker and problem solver and it's hard to stay ahead of him. I was totally unprepared to have a puppy in the house and a few times I've wanted to find him a new home. Hopefully with warmer weather we can learn to get along better. Together we have a lot to learn.

This past weekend we had some major tilling done to start our pollination garden. CCH Lawn and Landscape spent several hours clearing the yard. We are on our way to being known as 50,000 bees and a puppy.

This is a very large area with lots of potential for every kind of plant we feel like planting, and enjoying. It will be undergoing lots of changes in the next month.

CCH Lawn and Landscape was also hired to make an eight foot bench for this garden. Just simple cement blocks with timbers. This is for sitting, but will also be used as a work surface for the bee tending.

My daughter also had them create removable lattice fence panels as a bit of architecture that we can blend in with plants. They came out perfect and we can store them if we need to make changes to the garden.

The hive boxes are being painted. Another coat and we will be ready to receive the ladies. They will have a struggle to survive, but we will do all we can to keep them going and protect them. So many predators and battles for them.

We did a bit of raking to prepare the hive location. Emily helped bring in supplies and they laid weed cloth, cement squares and stones. They added a water bath over the tree stump that we cut back further and at the end of the day, a test of what it would look like was done. 

I think it's going to be beautiful. Right now there aren't any plants and the area with the pebbles will be much larger, but for this weekend we are finished. CCH Lawn and Landscape will be hired to put a stronger floor in the shed and build new doors so we can use it this coming winter. It's a bit worn right now, but still has a good roof, and some paint will bring it back to functional.

The sign warning of bees is on the gate at the side of the house and we've taken out a few locks for it, so we can decide which one is best to keep people safe. The neighbors are all on board with our bees and they hope they may have a jar of honey in the fall.

The gardens we put in last year are beginning to blossom and it's so nice to see. As of April 15th we have been in our new Town House Homestead for one year and when I look back at what we've done, I see all the miracles I am grateful for. I look forward to vegetable gardens and sharing our abundance in the near future. Thank you for stopping by and visiting. I hope to see you again soon. 

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