Wednesday, March 02, 2011

February Success, March Madness

To keep myself from slipping into a deep depression about not being able to keep up with my bills and stressing just about everything, my daughter pointed out that everything I need to succeed was right in front of me. She is so right. I have so much that I can do to build an online store to support myself that it really isn't funny. I have two rooms overflowing with fabric to just sell or make something out of and it's about time that I woke up and saw this. Thanks to the universe for waking me up in this time of great stress and thank you Lisa. She's been telling me this for some time. Time to listen to wise daughters and son.

I got started with this project of an online store several years ago, but never took it where it had to go. After the first of the year and a couple of end of year sales I decided to get it going again. As of today I have listed my two hundredth item on the store and am getting good attention to it. The domino affect is amazing and it's with this action that one could say that it can happen over night. Not without many hours of work and dedication though. I spend every extra minute working on this business. In the morning before work, when I get home from work, in between projects, cooking, cleaning and anything else that pops up. I spend extra time checking out estate sales and thrift stores to find the fabric for resale that I think will sell. There is also the time needed to research what is selling and what is not. Oh and don't forget the time learning to calculate postage and going to the Post Office.

To shorten this story some it started out slow in January while I learned, but I made a few more dollars in February. Not bad for a short month and a new store. I only hope that the mad hours that I am putting into this store will continue on this prosperous path. Here's to March Madness. I also had the blessing of a few dollars come to me and this being the gift that it was I decided to invest in my stash and the pictures speak a thousand words.


Lisa said...

thanks for the credit, but you've had it all along, you just lost sight of your strength is all. Keep up the positive work, and it will all work out.

DogsMom said...

How wonderful to have a supportive daughter.
I am in a similar situation, needing money to support myself but I am not able to work outside of the house right now. The reason I did not take part in the Reseller Challenge is that I have convinced myself I can't even get to the post office. There were weeks when I was snowed in and did not even get mail delivery. Well, as spring arrives those excuses are also melting.
Unfortunately monthly expenses are not shrinking as well.
I wish you good fortune with your online sales and encourage you to keep posting about your progress. You may not know it but you are an inspiration to others. We are out here and cheering you on.