Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Rosemary lemon chicken

I am rediscovering herbs. I thought I'd never have them in my garden so I stuck to flowers. Growing vegetables at my age and being single seemed like a little much, but my daughter has a friend that has a garden. This past weekend we traded canning jars, that I won't be using because they are quart size and I don't need that much any more, for fresh herbs and future green tomatoes. I have this favorite green tomatoe relish recipe that I am trading this summer for real maple syrup next spring. I have enough maple syrup from my last trade to make it through until next spring. That is of course if those delicious waffles don't tempt me. I sure hope this rosemary, garlic and lemon chicken comes through for me tonight at dinner. Changing eating habits is hard but worth it and I'd forgotten how easy good cooking was.

Hot from the oven and I have been enjoying the aroma for more than three hours. First all the aroma from the preparation which only took a few minutes to the baking time of 45 minutes.

Okay dinner is served and it was out of this world. I guess I'm going to have to find more time to cook great meals. I made enough to have two more meals and I bet these leftovers are going to be the best ever. Have a wonderful evening everyone.


Bijou Sugar-Socks said...

mmm home cooked meals are the best! ur lemon chicken looks so tempting :)

Jan said...

Rosemary Chicken looks yummy! I see you make quilts and afghans for Project Linus-----so do I. It's so much fun doing them. Mostly I make quilts and I'm trying to do scrap quilts now to use up piles of scraps.