Monday, July 22, 2013

I like aprons.

My daughter and I just love sewing and aprons have been a big part of that love.

Recently I made this sheer apron out of an up cycled curtain panel and some fruit print fabric for pockets. It was made just for fun and to keep one curtain panel out of the landfill. I also reclaimed some trim from a second curtain panel. Some times we just have to get those ideas out of our heads.
I also made this one out of denim. I like the durability of denim and I added just some simple eyelet lace around the bottom. Fancy isn't usually my game, but lately I just need to fem it up a bit.
At the following sites are two of my daughters funky fabric aprons. I love these too.
Stop by the stores and see what's new.
We sure hope that if you're creative you have the time to make it happen. Have a wonderful week everyone.

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laura sampson said...

those are great!