Thursday, July 11, 2013

In all my years.

Canning is second nature to me. Or is it?
Failed Strawberry Jam.
Imagine my shock.

So with strawberries being so reasonable and my last jar of jam gone, I decided to make some more. I have been canning and putting food by for about forty years now and this is my first ever failed batch of jam. By failed I mean that it didn't set. Not fatal and I know I can make it over. But...
Imagine my delight.

After thinking it over for a while I decided it wasn't failure at all. I will set them aside in the pantry and use it for special things. Strawberry shortcake through the winter, cheesecake topping, ice cream topping and even some for atop home made waffles. Being so sweet I may have to add a few fresh strawberries with them, but for now I have strawberry GOLD.

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